Saturday, July 12, 2008

Leaving For Taiwan

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Hi Everyone, I'll be leaving for Taiwan on Monday. Recent pictures of nails will be posted when I'm there. Sorry, I've been so behind but my grandmother is really sick . Family is my number one priority.

Sorry for canceling future appointments but hope everyone understands. Thank you!

Hopefully I can get wi-fi & I'll put up new posts of Taiwan as well. I am pretty much an emotional mess right now.

Thanks everyone for supporting me. Love you girls :)

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Wolfgang's Steakhouse

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This is going to be my first of hopefully many to come reviews of restaurants. J. took me here for my 20th birthday.

Before I start, I don't think I'm a good reviewer. These are just simply my opinions on food & you can judge them however you want because everyone has an acquired taste. Even if I say something is horrible, you still should try it because maybe it was just an off day when I went. I believe every restaurant deserves 2 chances. My writing is also just word vomit I have, sometimes it doesn't make sense so hopefully you can just skim through this.


I'm not the most romantic type of girl, I'm the girl that doesn't need the ambiance for a great dinner... just bring me my food please! I don't particularly like dark restaurants, it makes me really nervous & I can't seem to tune into my food. I'm always looking around trying to focus my attention on something. Oh yeah, I also hate the fact that I can't see my food, meaning I can't take any good pictures.

Right when I walked into Wolfgang's I can sense a totally different crowd then places like Arroyo Chop House. I don't know how to explain it, and I guess you have to go to figure it out yourself. Even my waiter had this great accent and he poised himself so very well that I couldn't help but feel intimidated to ask any questions.

Being the Jennifer that I am I couldn't help but order everything in each category. For the appetizer we each got a slice of bacon & had the beefsteak tomatoes and onions for the salad. We of course ordered the "steak for two," asparagus and German potatoes for our sides.

The bread basket was pretty horrible although it looked appetizing. It was just a basket of dried lumps.

This slice of bacon was pretty darn good BUT I'm a girl that loves fat that melts in your mouth. This piece of bacon was charred and crispy. I'm definitely a bigger fan of Wynn Buffet's bacon they have during brunch.

The Beefsteak tomatoes and onions were nothing that I imagined. It was pretty much just onions and tomatoes. Our waiter recommended the blue cheese dressing, and I kept thinking real blue cheese would be something we get at souplantation but it clearly wasn't. Not my favorite dressing but it was okay. Kind of on the smelly & bitter side but it was edible.

So this is the main point of our dinner. You can't tell by this picture but this steak was gigantic! It would have fed 3-4 people easily. I think I even saw a steak for 4, it was humongous!! The plate was tilted so the oil didn't soak through the meat.

Our waiter put a piece of fillet and a piece of the strip loin on our plates and I tasted the difference. Both pieces had an intense flavor from dry aging the meat. I've never tasted a steak like this one before and it was probably the best steak I've had in my life. The outside was perfectly charred and it just seemed like that lovely piece of meat had been cooked with pride. The strip loin had a intenser flavor then the fillet, but the fillet was buttery soft and melted in my mouth. This place is far better then Wolfgang Pucks, Cut steakhouse.

I've had Cut's dry aged as well and my steak there was no where close to the flavor that I received at Wolfgang's. I'm not a person that's going to compare Wagyu to Prime at two different restaurants because I believe that no matter how you cook that perfectly marble wagyu it would turn out good since the quality is over the top.

This is the German potatoes. From what I could tell it's potatoes with slowly grilled onions pan fried. Those potatoes were really good, the onions just melted in my mouth :)

I have no clue why I ordered the asparagus because I knew it would turn out the same every time. We didn't end up ordering dessert because we were way too full and to let alone walk out of the restaurant.

So to be a little show-off ish my boyfriend got me something from Tiffany's. I also recieved complimentary flowers, hair makeover, and shoes from my lovely bf. I'm not going to lie, I LOVE PRESENTS! :) The more the merrier. I can say it was one of the best b-days I've had.

P.S I love the service here, I know I said that our waiter was very intimidating but he would crack a few jokes that weren't actually funny. At least he tried! They wouldn't come over every five minutes asking if everything was okay, he asked once and never bothered us again. He acted like a ghost because I would turn around and the next thing I realized was that my iced tea was always filled up. It never reached below half way. He didn't bud into conversations and I saw him at the corner of the dining room eyeing his tables like a hawk, making sure everything was above his expectations. I'm the type of person that would tip bigger if you leave me alone while I'm eating! He was perfect!!

Wolfgang's Steakhouse
445 North Canon Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
Tel: 310-385-0640

Hours: Mon - Thurs, 11:30 a.m. - 10:30 p.m.
Fri - Sun, 10:30 a.m. - 11:30 p.m.