Sunday, December 19, 2010

What to do?

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First off, i'm very ignorant. I never read the news and i think i don't read the news for a good reason. I feel so bad for people, i feel so gracious for being lucky that i was born and raised in a great environment. I have clothes and shelter, friends and family. I am almost crying right now because i just can't cope that people in this world aren't as lucky as me.

I've been reading a lot from
I guess i want to admit something first, i never really cared for China, I was very biased towards them but for some reason this year it came to me that we are all equal. Just because a lot of bad news revolves around China doesn't mean everyone that lives in China is the same. Through forums i learned how many people do care in this world, but if only all these people that cared could do something about it.

Recently, I've been reading about places in china where they enslave handicapped people for THREE years without proper food and care. They make them work everyday, and they get beaten if they don't work fast enough or even electrocuted. I look at these pictures and I just want to cry, because in their faces you can see all the pain they have been through but for some reason i can see hope. I seek revenge for those who treat these people like this. I started googling about this and i found out that in 2007, about 450 people worked in brick kilns. OMG, i'm at work and i can't even work at all.

$1350 for 5 workers. $1350/5 = $270 usd.
So each person is only worth $270?!?

I will update this later with pictures that broke my heart.
I feel too lucky, i feel like i want to help these people but where to start?
In the end I still feel so selfish...