Sunday, August 15, 2010

life keeps going

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I'm 22 this year, and I still haven't felt like I've achieved much... or anything at all. I put life on hold sometimes when things don't go right.

There's an abundant of personal stuff that I'm not going to explain or go into detail, but it pretty much went like this.

J decided to make a wrong choice and he decided he wanted to break up.
J meets another girl
I meet other boys
J breaks up with other girl
I end up with another boy
J wants to get back together
I'm in love with another boy
J trys to win me back
I end up with J after breaking up for over half a year.

It's not romantic, it wasn't pretty, and I'm not proud.

I felt like I changed as a person after we broke up, I became more confident, I thought I was happy but I feel like J is the only person that can make me happy. We are stronger than ever, but what happened still hurts. I hate myself for hurting others, and that's something I will always have to live with.

Love isn't a fairytale, we can only make the best out of it. Try to embrace ourselves while loving the other person. I learned it the hard way, and I'm so content and happy now. I think I just need to figure out what to do with my life now.

Life still goes on even if you have a broken heart, but a broken heart can always be mended.

Taihei (2)

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Hi everyone,
I haven't uploaded in awhile and since a few months back, my life has taken another dramatic change. J took me to Taihei a few months back for v-day because I was really sad at the time. J came back, and I decided to give our relationship another chance. I suppose I'll post this in a post after this.

I love Taihei, I love yakitori, I love oden!!

<span class=DSC_0263">
Asahi beer for Jake, coke for me. - I still hate the way alcohol tastes, Blehh...

<span class=DSC_0266">

<span class=DSC_0270">
Chicken liver pate - I enjoyed this, but felt like there wasn't enough bread.

<span class=DSC_0271">
Breast with plum sauce

<span class=DSC_0276">
Daikon (oden) - J really like Daikon, but I don't because sometimes it could be bitter if it's not stewed well.

<span class=DSC_0294">
But... Taihei has some really good daikon.

<span class=DSC_0282">
Chicken thigh - it's really good, especially since there's areas of the chicken that's a bit charred. Char is good!
Kobe beef tataki - J and I love beef esp Tataki with ponzu sauce.

<span class=DSC_0297">
Fish cake - This is such a different kind of fish cake, it's very good though. I know Taiwanese fish balls are QQ in texture, but this is much more dense. All i know is that it's very good!!

<span class=DSC_0301">
Pork stomach(?) belly - IT's so good... Pork is delicious, I am trying very hard to get J into pork.
beef tongue - Sometimes I think beef tongue is good but sometimes I just don't get it.
Asparagus wrapped in bacon - We initially ordered 2, but the waitress asked us if we were sure and we remembered that it came like this. The asparagus were huge, and it's one of J's favs.

<span class=DSC_0320">
Shrimp - I love shrimpies, i don't remember this shrimp that much though, but I enjoyed sucking on the head and making loud sounds

<span class=DSC_0326">
I'm too lazy to browse for the name. It's a soft boiled egg filled with ikura in broth. I LOVE soft boiled eggs!!!
Hanpan - it's like a sponge, it's my favorite ALL TIME. My mom used to put it in my soups, i think it's very kid friendly. The sponge sucks up all the oden juices, and it's like an explosion in your mouth... fine a mini explosion.

Try Taihei, i hear some likes and dislikes but I love how you can try so many dishes and I also love how they have both oden and yakitori. :)