Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Blue and Stars

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This set was done for J. She's the best and has so many stories to tell. :) 

Stars :) I like the base a lot. If only I liked blue more!! 

Deleted half of what I wrote. I Thought it wouldn't be right and I don't want to hate, I want to do the very best to be happy for everyone. 

I actually care and love what I do but there are people that think they can charge over $100 for a full set of nails when they know it's not worth it. They think they can trick first time customers? It really irritates me that people just don't care about what they do. It isn't chump change you know? 

Sorry, the more I think about it, the angrier I get. 

Love & Hate relationship with Computers

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I have this love and hate relationship with computers, but before I get to that part..

 JAILBREAK -ed my IPHONE by myself!!!

Aren't you proud of me. I also added Ps1 Emulator , and got the whole cracked app to work. Yeah, I'm pretty proud of myself but I was also so nervous. It was a lot of fun researching, kind of like a puzzle! 

But.. today my computer went through a lot of  stress, it suddenly couldn't connect to the wifi. I was so worried I got a virus but I did more research on my phone and realized that Windows Vista has a flaw. For some reason, Vista doesn't want to recognize my IP address which meant that I couldn't even find any wifi connection. Luckily I found a website that helped me out greatly. http://catonett.com/blog/archives/194 . 

So if you have a Vista and encounter this problem please remember to add that to your registry. It's a life saver, kind of like magic I suppose. You enter a few keys and *Poof* your laptop works!! 

P.S. I will update nail pics soon. 
P.P.S I'm really out of nail ideas. :( uh oh.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Parkway Grill - Pasadena

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I have so many pictures of food I haven't posted yet. Hopefully, I'll be able to get them all uploaded soon. I was also thinking about separating my blogs into two because I just don't know if nails go well with food anymore. I really wanted to have a good food blog, but I'll see about that later. 

I'm not going to lie, J and I are nothing close to perfect. We argued so much a few months ago that we called it quits... well, I guess we almost called it quits. Gladly, things didn't get that far. So on this particular night that we supposedly broke up L(my best friend) takes me out to dinner because I was in such a bad mood. I think food always cheers me up. She made reservations to Parkway Grill located in Pasadena. We went to Arroyo Chop House for my birthday which is right across the street from Parkway Grill. 

I think we were the youngest group in the restaurant. :) Overall, the place is nice because as you know I hate dark restaurants, but Parkway Grill was nicely lit and gave a very comfortable feeling. 
The  Bred basked was "mehhh." How come Black Angus has better bread then here?!
The butter was unsalted.. which I didn't like at all. I guess I'm not mature enough to understand why you would split salt up with butter? If someone can tell me I'll be extremely grateful. 


The Parkway Cesar ($11) - It was better then usual regular Cesar but nothing too special, but def. better then the salad I got.  I love anchovies,  and since L doesn't like anchovies she gave them all to me. The salad was a bit soggy - the croutons were very good though. 

Heirloom caprese salad, prosciutto with balsamic glaze ($14) - This was really good but I didn't like it. I don't know how to explain it, the ingredients incorporated very well and it was a very refreshing salad. It's good for a hot summers day. I thought it could have used just a bit more balsamic glaze though. 
Grilled prime new york ($37) - This steak was so juicy and delicious in a different kind of way for me. I'm a Wolfgang's Steakhouse type of person. I like my steak charred and dry aged, and I've been too stubborn to try anything else. The pinot noir reduction paired well with the tender cut of meat. 

Prime Rib eye special ($44) - L got the special. You know how I just said my steak was tender? Well, hers was so soft and buttery that I was almost jealous I didn't get that, but her steak lacked the juices. 

This was our bill. We were too full for desert. 

Note: Our server was very nice but he made one huge mistake. I asked for a COKE, not a diet coke, just a plain fattening coke. He, instead, gave me a diet coke of  which kind of bothered me. I remembered I said, "I'll get a coke please." It's offensive for me because I don't believe in diet anything. Did he think I was fat or something? Or did he think that every girl drinks diet coke? I know I'm making a big deal and it's obviously not but it's just kind of annoying. He could have asked me if I wanted a diet or regular but he didn't ask. I'm just a diet hater, but I still drank it without saying anything. I know, he could have forgotten and I didn't have to write all this but I'm just really a diet hater.

Overall, aside from the Coke incident this place was a solid B+ for me. I'm only 20, and I think it caters to a much more mature palette. 

Parkway Grill
510 S Arroyo Pkwy
Pasadena, Ca 91105

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Blinged my phone with Swarovski rhinestones

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So for some reason I decided to buy rhinestones and bling up my phone. It just looked like so much fun! It's really not that expensive though since I figured I'd just keep using the same phone for awhile. 

All the materials needed to bling up my phone.
I used nail polish for the hearts and acrylic paint for the white. NevER use acrylic paint because it falls off. :( So now I have re-glue everything back on. 
This is how it looked after I blinged up the hearts. I recommend though, to use bigger rhinestones because it'll be extra blingy

You see how great the quality of swarovski is? 
I did part of it!! 
Almost done, but I Was quiet there yet. 

Truthfully, I had to take all the silver off because it was falling off so I just took them all off. That's the price I had to pay for using acrylic paint. I've been tooo lazy to re-do it but I will post a picture of my finished project soon. 

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Bling Bling Blue

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Sometimes just putting rhinestones is really pretty! :)

Friday, January 16, 2009

I've got a hacker

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First off, WHY would you want to hack into my stuff? I'm not even remotely interesting to waste your time. 

So earlier I received an email from gmail telling me to press this link if I want to initiate the process to reset my password. I  freaked out. 

I don't understand why anyone would want to hack into my stuff because I only have a facebook and myspace. This email account is only for my nail stuff so there's really nothing to see from my email account. 

I'm really fucking pissed off. It's not J  because he has all my passwords and I trust the people I love to know they wouldn't do that to me. Anyways, every things still there .. *phew* >.<

To this person: GET A LIFE AND PLEASE stop trying to figure it out. My email account is my life, it's everything I've worked hard for. To think that someone can easily have full access to my accounts is really scary. Please respect others and their privacy. I'm a NOBODY so don't waste your time. If you're bored play some video games, talk to your friends but don't go and waste your time on things that have NOTHING to do with you!!!!! 


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I really love elegant stuff now. I like this set very much because of the simplicity but... it's still really cute and extra blingy!!

pop up bow!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My Christmas

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So I Finally got close to Cropping/Resizing some of my pictures and since this is long over due I decided to post my Christmas pictures first.

We had dinner and I made some potatoes. The recipe was from food Network by Ina Garten. It was pretty tasty. I also made Lawry's creamed corn that I forgot to take a picture of. I thought I nailed that pretty well but my mom said it was too sweet.

My mom and sister went to Mitsuwa to buy meat for Shabu Shabu and she said people were literally snatching all the meat. Apparently a lot of people eat hot pot during new years so people were just waiting for the beef to come out. I usually love Mitsuwa's beef but that days was lacking && I think it was more expensive.

After that my sister told me to go with my boyfriend to get ICE CUBES! I was thinking, "Why the heck would they want ice cubes. It's so cold." I actually saw my sister nudged J or something and I kind of knew something was up...but it's not like it's my birthday. When we were almost at 7-11 my mom calls telling us they don't need the ice cube anymore so I obviously knew they were up to something. They even went to the extreme to close the lights. && this was what I got from my sister...


J wanted this Christmas to be a nice one and he really went over the top for me. I was utterly speechless and spoiled for no apparent reason. I really didn't deserve it though. I didn't want anything to be honest because there are MANY things I want but do I really need it? Nah... I really don't. Anyways, I pretty much knew what the big box was but the little box means so much more to me. I'll explain later :)

So we opened our presents at his place.

I got my pink laptop that I REALLY DIDN'T NEED because I have my old beat up Toshiba that had 200MB of space left. lol, I was fine with that though..&& besides I wanted to be materialistic. I wanted a handbag. I didn't get that because he knew I didn't need it& I don't think he believes in bags at all.

But he did get me a coach pouch thing that made me really happy because it was nice to know he actually gave up to what I wanted. :) I don't know how to explain it though.. it was just nice of him.

&& He got a ps3+ Rockband. :)
He deserved it. I think both of us hate spending money on ourselves & I would NEVER spend more then $60 on myself. I never indulge.. okay fine, only on food though. I was too excited to use my laptop that I couldn't snatch a better pic of him. How selfish of me.

:) This was the only half decent pic I got of us that day.
I was so freaking disgustingly sick that day. I'm ashamed, but I photoshoped this last pic because I looked like shit. :) & photoshop is fun fun fun!

I'm really happy and grateful for what I have. I love my family and friends.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Reg. Brown

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I really need to PS pics soon!!

This set is plain and boring.. next few posts will be picturelicious! :) 

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Blue Blue Blue!!

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I love these. :) 
I've been super busy at work these two days so no typing today. :) See everyone soon!

P.S. these are one of my favs. I love these bows!!!