Monday, November 24, 2008

I passed!

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Hello Everybody,
I have some great news.. I passed my manicurist exam. All thanks to my best friend for being my model, I think she was just as nervous as I was. I have my license, it's kind of unbelievable because I've never been serious about anything. 

Other then that, I changed my blog a little and I'm still fixing it. I just haven't been on my pc for awhile but I will fix everything soon. :) Hope everyone likes the new layout for now, credits go to !  I have nail pictures but I don't have time to crop them. 

Here's a set I did a long time ago but I really like them. I really love the white/clear tip color. They're so pretty! i want them on myself! 

I did this awhile ago too. I was so  proud of myself to makea  3d flower out of acrylic! :) 

P.S. I'm meeting my future boss tomorrow. So nervous, I hope she's nice though! I decided not to use her name or the store name until it opens to keep it more discreet for now. :) I'm pretty excited now. 

P.P.S. Who saw Twilight, I saw it twice and it was so good!! :) Rpattz is prettying good looking But my bf is too! :p 

Sunday, November 16, 2008

I will return calls Tomorrow!!

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As many of you know, when it comes to everything that isn't related to nails... I'm the laziest girl you'd ever meet. I'm not lieing.

I secretly wish I can have a personal assistant who takes my calls for me so I don't have to call people back because I'm so lazy. My exam is tomorrow and I really hope I pass. I'll call everyone back tomorrow!!

Text everyone back as well. I had to write everyones names down and I have like 10 appointments that aren't yet appointed yet! AHHH, it's Thanksgiving! lol, if anyone would like my other co workers to do your nails I'll be MORE then happy to introduce you to them.

I'm so lazy to the point where I don't even want to talk, I wish people could read my mind. I sound like a loser.

I know, I'm the only nail tech that would rather not have that many customers. I just wish I had my own place so it'd be more convenient for you guys as well. I want to rent someplace but Opps! J is opening soon so I'd have to work there too.

But if I got my own place my prices would probably go up 10-15$. I'm so excited about my future, if anyone knows someone willing to RENT me a station or a little back room in a cute store PLEASE let me know!

Wish me luck tomorrow!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Manicrurist license Exam!

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Hi everyone,
I'm taking the following week off from doing nails, I'll get back to everyone afterwards because I want to concentrate on my license exam next week. I'm really behind, I actually thought it would be easy but I realized it isn't. I might actually fail and have to retake it 2 months from now. I can't fail though because then I'll lose my job. I really hope I can do well and pass, I just want to accomplish something for once.

Thanks everyone for supporting me. Hope when I see you I'll have my license.

I have to thank my boyfriend who supported me from the very beginning. The one who bought my business cards, made sure I had everything I need, he takes me to most of my appointments , and even makes sure all the necessary paper work is signed for next week. He lets me use him as a model and doesn't get mad when my appointments last till 12am. He's my biggest fan and without him I wouldn't be where I am today.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Flowers and Cupcakes :)

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I've been so lazy today. I will call everyone back by tomorrow and hopefully I can keep Friday open so I can hang out with my boyfriend and get my hair done. My hair is so ugly, the roots are growing out so I look like I'm dirty. <- that sounds better in Mandarin.

:) imitated someones design. I'm really not creative as a lot you girls know.

Cupcakes, donuts, candy and hearts. :)

Momo wants to say "Bye-Bye" to everyone.

He's doing you. lol, I kept trying to take pics with my flash on and he got mad at me.