Monday, January 24, 2011

SugarFISH (Downtown LA)

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It's time to start blogging again about food and nails. I haven't started doing nails yet, but the Long Beach ISSE convention is at the end of this month and I hope to start doing bio sculpture/cal gel nails by February.
I've been wanting to try sugarfish since over a year ago and when i heard that they opened a new location closer to home I decided to go. The first time I went, I left my camera at home but I ended up taking J here since I liked it so much.

If you go with a friend or partner I would recommend getting one Nozawa and one Trust me. That's what J and I did and it was more then enough food. I really enjoy eating here, the sushi just LITERALLY melts in your mouth. I was so skeptical before coming here but the warm rice and room temperature fish is to die for.
DSC_0004 copy
edamame - I think this was the best edamame I've ever had (I don't even like it that much!)
DSC_0014 copy
Tuna(big eye) with ponzu sauce - The ponzu is so good!!
DSC_0017 copy
Albacore - it was one of my favorites after the blue crab hand roll
DSC_0025 copy
Salmon - melts**
DSC_0027 copy
Snapper - This was J's favorite
DSC_0032 copy
Halibut - I loved the intense flavor of the Yuzu
DSC_0036 copy
Yellowtail - usually one of my goto cuts wherever i go
DSC_0040 copy
Scallop - This was def. not my favorite. I didn't really like it, and i'm not going to say it's not fresh because it was really saucy. The scallop just tasted kind of funny.
DSC_0043 copy
Blue crab handroll - I LOVED this roll, I heard Sasabune makes a great one, i'll have to go try soon! The reason why their rolls are so good is because of the nori Nozawa uses as well as the combination of warm rice and room temperature fish.
DSC_0042 copy
Toro Hand roll - one of J's favorite

I love SugarFISH, but since i'm still a student I can't have this all the time. Lately, instead of eating fancy dinners I realized that saving for my future is much more important. I think I'm going to come here on Wed for lunch since lunch is a tad bit cheaper!! :P

600 w 7th Street, Suite 150
Los Angeles CA 90017