Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Pinky Pinky

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I can't remember who I did these nails for. The flowers were pretty though!! :)

I need new names for my post titles!! :)
My schedule sucks, I'm tired.. I have no time for nails but I love doing themmmM!! Please make an appointment with me at Oops J!! :)

Monday, August 24, 2009

Cool style nails

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I guess these are more "cool" styled. I don't know how to explain it in english but that's the Asian way. :) I don't normally do nails like these, it was really hard for me because I usually like cute things more.

I want to be able to do different things. Cute & pretty is what I like but that doesn't mean everyone likes it. I want to be more versatile.

Saturday, August 22, 2009


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Oops J is having a soft Opening special. All services are 50% off!!! That also includes facials, manis&pedis, and acrylic nail art!

I hope everyone will be able to come because for the facials, mani & pedis we use Yonka and Eminence products. Please google them up, I went to training for these products and I must say.. it's truly amazing. If I had a lot of moolah to spend, I would definitely be a fan of Yonka products. Eminence is all organic, no perservatives, no water. Can you imagine that?? All their products smell so good!!

Anyways, please text me or give me a call at 626-345-8880. If possible text messages would do me a big favor since I'm busy most of the time.

Thanks for everyone who has continued to support me through all this time. Please tell all your friends and family!!

20657 Golden Springs Dr
Diamond Bar CA 91789

Please send me a text or call if you would like to make an appointment. :)

These were a fill, but she did not originally do her nails with me. :)
bling bling.. I'm talking about her ring!! :)

I like layered flowers.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Torihei - Torrance

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First off, work is so so so boring :( I was supposed to go to training but instead... had a schedule change and had to work.

I go through food phases. I remember I've gone through a Chipotle, King Taco, yakitori, boiling crab. For that week I keep craving the same thing but J says one thing I never get over is BBQ.

One night I was craving some yakitori and around SG there isn't any yakitori places except for Shin Sen Gumi and I must admit the yakitori there is small portion wise. So we took an adventure down to Torrance. To me, it felt like forever...

We finally arrived at our destination .. and there was a wait. The wait wasn't too long, I guess the dinner rush just about ended and people were leaving so the wait time was approx. 10 min.

We sat down and I was so excited...

Like many, i always like checking out the menu before I go to a restaurant. They have a pretty extensive menu imo.

Grounded Chicken rice bowl - J's favorite and we always get it if the restaurant has it.

Hanpen oden ($1.95) - I love hanpen, the texture is kind of like a sponge because it absorbs so much of the broth. The oden broth is light and it's very different then the odens I've become used to in Taiwan.
( I can't remember which one this was.. sorry!) - This one was so good, I still remember being surprised by the texture of this particular oden. It's nothing like the ones you buy at Mitsuwa, the texture is harder and doesn't give you that (Q-ness) regular fish cake does.

Now for the yakitori
Special beef Skewer ($3.95) x 2 - This was the first yakitori we tried and I must say it was one of the best that night. It wasn't until later that I realized these were $4 a skewer!! I was quiet happy that this was the first one because prepared me for the upcoming ones.
Chicken Thigh ($1.80)x2

"Torihei" Meatballs ($1.80) - I didn't like these meatballs very much but I'm sure other people would.
Beef tongue ($2.30) - yum yum yum - better then shin sen gumi :)
Asparagus with pork ($3.95) x 1 - At first, we got two orders of this but the waitress came back and asked us if we wanted to switch it to one instead because it was a pretty big portion. I thank her for that because I'm not a fan of over mayo anything so J enjoyed this one by himself. The asparagus was really juicy though.
Fatty Pork ($2.30) x 2 - This was the best yakitori I had that night. I think the pork and beef just made my day!! I love fatty everything so his was seriously a big treat for me. <3 class="blsp-spelling-error" id="SPELLING_ERROR_24">lol

Breast with wasabi ($2.30) x 2

I enjoyed Torihei and I'm hoping to visit this place again next week. These pictures were from about 2-3 months ago. Hopefully, when I return this place will be just as good.

1757 W Carson St #A
Torrance CA 90501

Saturday, August 8, 2009

I hope no one hates me!!!

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I just read online regarding stuck up manicurists and I have to say I am 1000% not.
I think I'm just tired and I know you might be thinking, "well, why don't you go and call people back if you have time to write in your blog."

I know I know.. I procrastinate way too much but for the people that know me... life is wonderful when I can be lazy. : )

Anyways, I just wanted to say that all the voicemails will be answered. I am just soo tired, I haven't been this hard working for quiet some time and my body is just going downhill. Everything is a mumble jumble. Two jobs plus @ home nail isn't working out lately. Wow, school is starting soon. : (

Sorry to everyone who has been ignored, I hope I have no unhappy customers :(

Be Happy!!!!!!
I shall work harder!

PS if things don't work out, does anyone know if there's some place I can rent, perferably somewhere in the back of a store or something? If anyone has anything available in a salon/clothing store/etc. please let me know!!

This is my customer's doggie. His name is Momo too!! He's so cute.

black lace nails, nail tips, and my nails

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Hi Everyone, I have been uber busy lately and uber tired.
I haven't had one nail appt. in about 2 weeks... I have work at tm and training all week. Today has been my first day of real stay at home rest.

Sorry to everyone about appointments. If anyone would like to do nails a opps J & I, we are offering 15% right now. More updates on that later, I still have to ask and see if I am able to post anything about my work.

These were my nails and it had inlays with dried flowers.