Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Open Door - Monterey Park

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First off, I went in the middle of May so I know this post is a little outdated but I have goods and bad(s) to The Open Door.

The Open Door is supposedly an izakaya type restaurant but the price and food makes me feel like a fusion tapas restaurant. When I find a place deemed unworthy I really show it don't I? Most of these dishes were major misses, although I really wanted them to be major hits.

I'm not sure if it was because I was too excited for the food or if I was just excited that they had so many choices and were located in Monterey Park.

I'm sorry, I don't remember the names of each dishes, I have to remember to write them down from now on.

Salmon w/ sour cream, cucumber, and ikura(salmon roe)
This was the worst dish of the night, the salmon was not fresh.

Beef Carpoccio
- This one was really good although the beef was quiet tough and chewy.
Yuzu Chicken wings
-Pretty delish but it was hard to eat it like a lady. I wanted to just get my hands and lips dirty like I do at Wing Stop but since we were so closely seated to one another I just couldn't. :)

Gyu(beef) Nigiri
Doesn't it look really good?
I thought so too but the beef was so tough, I actually swallowed it without fully chewing it. I think it was $6 for 2 pieces but at Kabuki, it's only $2.50 during happy hour and much better!

I honestly don't remember what this dish was but it was pretty good though. :) I was a bit full by that time.
This is one of my favorites too! Onigiri a it's best, the outside was a bit charred and crispy while the inside was soft and yummy! Simple foods are the best.
This was another hit!!

Creamed Crab Croquette
I think this was J's favorite. It was very creamy and sweet, I loved it!

I remember the bill was about $70+. The salmon really ticked me off and so did the gyu nigiri. I just think it wasn't worth the money we paid.

It's located in Monterey Park and also in quiet a old run down plaza. The ingredients they use aren't up to par for the amount they're charging imho. Also, the one thing I absolutely hate is how younger people are treated differently. I'm 20 and J's 23, but we look a lot younger then we are. Maybe this is also another reason to why I feel very unhappy about certain restaurants regardless of the taste. I can understand that older adults tip more or understand quality better but younger generations should deserve a bit attention. It's not that anyone was rude to us, it's just I felt like they didn't give a shit about us. Maybe we just weren't worth their time.

I'm still willing to go back and hopefully next time this place will surprise me. I don't believe you can decipher if you like a place the first time you go.

The Open Door
122 S Atlantic Blvd
Monterey Park Ca 91754

Monday, June 29, 2009

Something different

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I have so much too post but I'm procrastinating. :/
Here's a set I did last month.

She did a fill, and art. :) I like, I think it would be good for a wedding.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Silver and Pink cherry blossoms!!

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Sweet pink Cherry blossoms on top of a clearish silver base. :)

I'm going to the Las Vegas IBS beauty convention in an hour. Woohoo!! so excited, but I definitely will end up spending lots of money.

I was thinking about purchasing Calgel.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Planted but... failed

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Back in April my sister and I suddenly had an urge to plant seeds so we decided to give it a try since I've seen my mom do it plenty of times and it looks fairly easy. I guess it really wasn't because our seeds never budded.

I didn't pick the vegetables, my sister did. :)

I think it could have been the soil, she bought it at Walmart. I don't think it was nutritious enough for our seeds :(. We failed, and I'm too lazy to try again but hopefully soon!

lacey flowers

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Hello, I am getting in the jizz of blogging again. & I also think everyone's in love with pink right now :) wahooo.

I need to buy more nail supplies soon~

*this girl bites her fingers, as a person who cares about you guys please don't bite your fingers!! :( I don't want to offend people but it's not good for your poor fingers. Maybe you can chew gum or if you notice stop immediately! :) <3

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Guys whom I think are good looking

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I'm pretty bored at work and since I don't have access to my blog pictures, I decided to post about something else. These are not in order but I do in some ways think most of these guys are pretty good looking. Let's just oogle over them, I think good looking men are just fun to look at.

Ethan Ruan - I like him because of Fated to Love you & Defeated Queen. :)

James McAvoy - One of my favorites, I like his overall appeal. He has this shabby, boyish look. He also seems nice and intelligent. P.S. Boyish looking guys appeal to me.

J. is pretty boyish and I love it! Think about it, it never seems like they age much. lol.

Shia Labeouf - who doesn't love him? You know you do. :)

Jiro - I was a bit iffy about him in the past until recently when I saw ToGether. Even though he puts on tons of make up he seems really humble.

Jensen Ackles from Supernatural. J & I are pretty hooked on this show and we just finished season 4. He also has a baby face!
In the beginning of Supernatural, I didn't really like his character, Dean but after awhile he grew on me and now he is one of my favorite TV show characters. Fine, he's next to Gregory House. The brotherly love in this show is infinite, it's all about family. :)

Mokomichi Hayami - watch absolute boyfriend, you will fall in love too!
I guess I saved the best for last!
Leonardo DiCaprio is my favorite actor alongside Tom Hanks and James McAvoy. I've seen all his movies and for the first time in my life I can actually say that I'm a fan!! He should win an Oscar already!

*After this post I have learned that I somewhat have a different taste in guys and I like boyish looking guys. :) I don't like guys like David Beckham or Brad Pitt. I don't know, it's just not that appealing. Sometimes I think it might be because some guys are too good looking that it's hard to believe they're real. Just like how some girls are super hot (i.e Megan Fox). Even if I saw Megan Fox one day I wouldn't believe my own eyes. If it's too good to be true, it probably is.
Plus, I only base my likings on characters and roles they've played or their contributions to society.
PS I'm trying to type this fast because I'm supposed to be off of work right now! Sorry for any spelling errors, I will fix later!

Friday, June 5, 2009

My pink and bling nails

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I haven't had time.. Fine, I have been too lazy to crop and ps my nail pictures so I'm really backed up. 

Recently J got into an accident and it brought me to be kind of car-less since we had to carpool. I haven't been able to do many nail appts but I'm back on schedule now since he got his car back & I'm just grateful we're okay from the accident. 

Plus, the other day while I was changing I asked J to get my white flats for me. When I was ready to leave he put down the flats and I realized he cleaned them. He even tried to clean the bows and said, "I know your really like these shoes so I thought I'd help you clean them a bit." It's times like these that make me feel really special and grateful for him. I'm really lucky to have someone like him in my life. 

Veterinary Healthcare Center - Monterey Park

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Say hi to momo.

Momo had a really bad ear infection awhile ago. I remember going home and he just wasn't as hyper as usual. I hugged him but he cried and I was super worried. I thought he had broken a bone so after J got home we decided to take him to an emergency vet. We had called in and it was $75 just for a check up!! but, because his eyes looked stained and he cried again we decided to take him. 

Let me tell you.. it was not worth it at all!!! They didn't tell me anything except, "He has no broken bones." They also expected us to pay over $500 just to get him checked everywhere and they had no explanation to what was wrong with him. We decided to just leave and wait until the next day. The next day we made an appointment at Veterinary Healthcare Center in Monterey Park with Dr. Beltran.

I didn't go because I had to work but J took him. J said they were really nice and had known what was wrong with momo right away. Dr. Beltran said the ear infection was very deep and they had to flush out his ears. Momo was prescribed ear drops and antibiotics, and all the fees were less then $200. It included following checkup for momo. Momo came home happy and excited with no more pain! 

I felt horrible for putting him in pain because I kept forgetting to pluck out his ear hairs. 

My friend also had another bad experience at an Emergency clinic and I realized that if your dog isn't that bad.. there's really no point bringing them to an ER. 

Momo is now happy just like before! :) 

Do go here!! 

Veterinary Healthcare Center 
2019 Saturn St Ste B
Monterey Park CA 91755

Emergency Pet Clinic of San Gabriel Valley
3254 Santa Anita Ave
El Monte CA 91733

Do not go here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!