Friday, June 5, 2009

Veterinary Healthcare Center - Monterey Park

Posted by Jen Ko at 12:27 AM
Say hi to momo.

Momo had a really bad ear infection awhile ago. I remember going home and he just wasn't as hyper as usual. I hugged him but he cried and I was super worried. I thought he had broken a bone so after J got home we decided to take him to an emergency vet. We had called in and it was $75 just for a check up!! but, because his eyes looked stained and he cried again we decided to take him. 

Let me tell you.. it was not worth it at all!!! They didn't tell me anything except, "He has no broken bones." They also expected us to pay over $500 just to get him checked everywhere and they had no explanation to what was wrong with him. We decided to just leave and wait until the next day. The next day we made an appointment at Veterinary Healthcare Center in Monterey Park with Dr. Beltran.

I didn't go because I had to work but J took him. J said they were really nice and had known what was wrong with momo right away. Dr. Beltran said the ear infection was very deep and they had to flush out his ears. Momo was prescribed ear drops and antibiotics, and all the fees were less then $200. It included following checkup for momo. Momo came home happy and excited with no more pain! 

I felt horrible for putting him in pain because I kept forgetting to pluck out his ear hairs. 

My friend also had another bad experience at an Emergency clinic and I realized that if your dog isn't that bad.. there's really no point bringing them to an ER. 

Momo is now happy just like before! :) 

Do go here!! 

Veterinary Healthcare Center 
2019 Saturn St Ste B
Monterey Park CA 91755

Emergency Pet Clinic of San Gabriel Valley
3254 Santa Anita Ave
El Monte CA 91733

Do not go here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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