Friday, March 27, 2009

The Company I work for sucks.

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I really think the company I work for should die in a fire. 
No, I'm not talking about the nail one, I'm talking about my other job that I've been working for for four years. 

For the past four years our store was owned by two of my bosses. The thing is, our store was the last franchise but they shared the profit 60/40. Sounds great, not really.. the main Company loves deducting commission off of everything. My boss thought it would be better if they stopped working together and decided to give them back the store. Now she's our store manager + she's still waiting for her down payment back.

Therefore, the rest of us who were once under her payroll are now under the main company's payroll. 

They cut my hours, and they deduct money off of everything. They even said if our table is not kept clean we will get commission deducted!!! wTf?

They cut my hours by a lot too and they expect me to activate so many lines that it's just not reasonable. & during the meetings they always make you feel like you're disposable at anytime. I know the economy is bad right now but think about it, our avg profit per customer is $80 and we have about 200 activations a month. They give us so much pressure about letting people go ad they cut hours. We do all their dirty work, we do all this shit that T-Mobile def. wouldn't approve of just so we can reach this quota. Does T-Mobile know what kind of fucked up shit they're doing. NO they do not. 

I'm just really angry and I don't think I deserve this treatment, I work hard and I sell sell sell. I know this is the real world and there's a lot of other company's that treat their employees like shit too but... I speak fluent English. I really want to find out if they're allowed to treat us this way. A lot of the employees are Chinese and don't understand that this is America.

I'm actually a very proud American.

On another note, MoMo says hi!

P.S. I've been sick lately. I have this lame cold that won't go away and I just don't want to cough on people while I'm doing nails. It just doesn't feel sanitary. Hopefully I'll get better soon and call everyone back. 

Friday, March 20, 2009

simply flowers

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I'm sorry for my previous post, I was just angry at 10 in the morning and didn't have anyone to complain to. :) 

I really like this set.

You know what's funny, There has only been 4 times that my nails were done on both hands. Isn't that sad?

Thursday, March 19, 2009

I am F***ed, bail me out of jail anyone?

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I'm really retarded sometimes.

I don't use my brain because I'm too lazy. 

I had a court date awhile back and guess what..? it was for something so stupid, I didn't have the right insurance card with me so I had to go to court!! I didn't even think it was that big of a deal and I didn't go take care of it. I mean, the gov. doesn't tell me anything regarding it. I know it's my responsibility to show up but they don't even tell you what you're suppose to do. 

I don't even know how the system works or if I have to pay money. 

Apparently the retarded person that I am didn't end up going to court. I just thought.. whatever, it's not that big of a deal I'll just reschedule.


I just got a yellow letter in the mail stating that if I don't pay for bail my license will be suspended. &&&&& they are not clear whatsoever on anything. SO YOU THINK I HAVE $1500 laying around for bail? & they want you to pay this within 10 days. I started freaking out and I called the number it asked me to call and it was a machine. I finally got around to the operator and the machine says,

"Our office is currently open BUT there are many people on the line, please try your call again later." wtf??? and then it said to call back on TUESDAYS OR FRIDAYS. 

I don't even know what I'm suppose to do, I don't want to tell my family yet until I'm positive about everything. I'm so dumb, I should have went but I don't think the system is right. 

Does that mean it has nothing to do with me? but being a good American citizen I'm going to correct that stupid sheriff's mistake. I mean, I think right now another person with that DL number is effed because it's on their record.. not mine.

P/P/S It's my fault though but still... I know it's my fault and I want to fix the problem so why don't the answer the phone. 

P/P/P/S plus they use really big words and I don't even know what that means, I didn't even know what an arraignment meant. I had to go check the dictionary. 

Friday, March 13, 2009

Valentine's Day at Disneyland (Carnation Cafe & Cafe Orleans)

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I went to Disneyland again for Valentine's day. I know, J and I go to Disneyland a lot. I think it's because I'm not 21 yet so there's really no where else to take me. + I love cute stuff!!!:)

We were really hungry when we got to Disneyland, we didn't get there until 3pm. We had to park all the way at the convention center since the main parking lot was full. When we got to Downtown Disney.. I realized I forgot my camera so J and I had to go all the way back to the convention center to get my camera. We didn't actually get into the park until 4pm. We were really hungry and I really couldn't wait until 6:30 to eat at Orleans Cafe. 

So my goal is to try everything at Disneyland/California Adventure and blog them. I have this thing for Japanese/Korean BBQ and Disneyland right now for some reason.

Doesn't his smile look like he's the Grinch that stole Christmas? haha.
I saw that other people had the loaded baked potato soup so I had to get it too. We ordered the bowl and shared. It was really really good and the butter was shaped into flowers, but it melted next to the hot bowl of soup so I didn't get a chance to take a picture.

We both got the Cafe Steak Melt and it was a disappointment. It just wasn't good, wasn't flavorful and just tasted like meat and cheese. It really lacked flavor so I wouldn't recommend getting this. I think just getting the Half Sandwich & Soup  would be a more worth it. 

After we were done with our extremely late lunch J said, "You know we have to eat in another hour?" He came up with another bright idea where we would split up to buy each other a Valentine's gift. We did that and by the time that ended it was time to eat again. I really wasn't hungry at all but because he already made reservations we thought we mind as well go and try it since we read on yelp that the food wasn't too shabby.

I was surprised at how reasonable the prices were at Cafe Orleans. We were initially going to aim for Blue Bayou but we called in 1 week in advance and they were already booked. 

So then, we exchanged gifts.. I almost cried when I saw my present.
Let me explain why,
So I had these Tigger slippers I bought at Walmart with my mom and they're SO cute but it got really dirty. One day J and I were at Target and I guess I just randomly said, "I need new slippers," and he remembered. While I was shipping for his gift I saw the Minnie slippers and I was looking at the price tag thinking.. omfg, are you kidding? I thought they were super cute but super over priced so when I pulled them out of the bag I was so touched. I was very happy!! :) I'm so scared of getting them dirty.  
I got him a very big mug. I couldn't find anything else and J said later on that he already knew what he was looking for. My mug sucked compared to his slippers. 

The only good picture after 23 takes. That really says something doesn't it??
The french fries were yummy. They had garlic smothered on them, made my breath very stinky.
This I did not get at all. People on yelp said it was good but J and I were pretty grossed out. This is called the Three Cheese Monte Cristo Sandwich. The outside reminds me of pancake mix so it's a bit sweet and the inside is salty cheese, topped with some powdered sugar. I just never understood how salty and sweet can match. It reminds me of McGriddles (is that what it's called?) except worse.

Creole Ratatouille - ??? I don't like bell peppers, that's the one thing I really really REALLY hate. I don't even know why I got it, it said on the menu it has bell peppers but I think because of the move Ratatouille I just had to try it.
I remember seeing beignets on Food Network so I told J that no matter how full we were we had to get these. I saw these fluffy fried things on TV since I was small so I was so excited to finally get to try them. *Drumroll

They tasted like DONUTS!! ahhh!! 
but lookie look, mickey shaped sprinkles. 
The waiter gave us a very generous amount of mint chocolates.

haha so I pretty much spent the whole day eating at Disneyland and after this meal I really thought I was going to throw up. The only ride we went on was Haunted Mansion. They changed it!! 

We missed the fireworks because we were in that stupid star wars ride. J gave me a little something something. I was really surprised and thought I once again don't deserve it. I love the Minnie Slippers more though, ShhH! don't tell me. lol.

Flowers again!! (I'm running out of ideas)

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I am truly running out of ideas, I want to do some different stuff but for some reason it just doesn't seem to be happening. Anyways, hope you guys like though, I should have more stuff edited soon. I'm so lazy.

P.S. I made a tutorial, it really sucks and I need to edit it. Does anyone know of a good video editor? Once I figure out how to cut it up and make it a better quality video I'll def. post it up!! Thanks!

Monday, March 9, 2009

KyoChon Chicken - Rowland Heights

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I was recommended indirectly through a blog to come here and try their Korean style chicken wings. I looked through yelp and other blogs and it seemed like it was either a hit or miss. One day J and I couldn't think of anything to eat and we came here. We hit traffic on the 60. It took us nearly an hour in traffic to get here!! 
There's no in door seating, only outdoor. You order your food in the store and wait, it was about a 15min wait. They had this point card and he was explaining it to me but I wasn't really listening. lol. I was too fascinated with the menu. 
Our wings came in a very fancy shmancy bag, they also provided us with wet naps. 
This was the picked radish for $1. 
It's suppose to take away the heat/clean the palette from the spicy chicken wings. 

The box. 
The fries.. nope not good. Just skip it if you can. 
These were the spicy wings, I think we got 10 of each and it was pretty expensive. Maybe around $16-$18? I couldn't even eat ONE!! They were so friggen spicy I thought my head was going to explode. I can eat spicy too but these were out of my league. J ate 2 and he was on FIRE. lol, it was funny seeing him panting and sweating and saying the *f* word more then he should have. 
These were pretty good. It tasted like lots of garlic, salt and soy sauce combined. A bit too much salt perhaps? they were good but nothing amazing. If I go back I'll probably only order this and nothing else.
If you purchase $10 or more of food they give you a free box of tissue. I lolled at it when I saw them. It reminds me of gas stations in Taiwan. BUT hey, it's Kleenex brand. I can't complain about that. 
Us in the car, we were both disappointed. My brother even said it was good.. My sister and I totally disagree. It's nothing special, it's just garlic soy chicken wings. 

I'd rather eat WingStop

KyoChon Chicken
18180 E Colima Rd Ste A
Rowland Heights Ca 91748

Pink Sea shell tips with cute bows

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Here's a set I did for E. I really like doing her nails because she likes simple stuff and I love simple stuff too! :) Cute?

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Strawberries Cupcakes

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Back in November when I passed my manicurist exam J bought me a cupcake book as a surprise. Since then, I only made one recipe and it's this one. lol, I'm just so lazy and I hate cleaning up. 

Does it look the same? 

The left one is the one I made for J and the right one was the one he made for me. Look how ugly his work was! 

I know it looks pretty good but it was NOT! The cake itself was so dry and it didn't have much flavor, I threw the rest away. Looks are very deceiving so don't worry, no ones missing out!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Hearts for Valentine's Day!

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This set was made for Valentine's day so I after a lot of thinking, we decided to do hearts! 


I still have to post up my Valentine's day pictures first but there's a whole lot I have to post first. 

I'm also working almost 6 days a week now and I really don't want to. I just hate working there and getting bitched at by everyone. I mean, it makes me really not like Asian people who just came to America.

You can't always rely on other people and it's not my fault you don't understand English. Plus, nothing in life is free. I just can't stand how they think that getting more is better. I just want to tell them.. you know you're pretty much paying for all this right? "Oh so do I get N96 for free?" I don't even want to kill them, I want to kill myself for associating with these kinds of morons.

I also hate seeing so many horrible people, it really gets me down sometimes. Some people just don't give a fuck about anything or anyone except themselves. It really bothers me.

#1 lamest shit I've had to deal with.
Customer(in Chinese) : My phones broken, you gave me a broken phone. I want a new one.
Me: Are you sure because you've activate for a month now. DID YOU DROP IT IN WATER?
Customer: No of course I didn't drop it in water, why are you accusing me.
Me (in a nice condescending way): Oh really? because this sticker right here is red, meaning you maybe dropped it in water by ACCIDENT? 
Customer: What?!? I'm sure this phone was given to me like this. Starts bitching about how I'm a lier and what a horrible company T-Mobile is. 

and you know what I just do, I smile. I smile with hate and anger and frustration and mostly with sadness. I smile because I know that's all I can do and that I am the bigger person, at least I'm not the lier. At least if I think of it that way I won't go insane but deep down inside I'm crying because I'm just an overall depressed person. Because I start thinking about how I feel sorry for the guy for turning out the way he is and I think about all these people who are actually like him and it kills me. Not because I'm about to go insane, but because I finally realize what a fucked up world it is and how it's really hard to trust in people nowadays. How his kids would be like when they grow up. In a way, I think these people are pesticides that needs to be executed right away, no I'm not thinking about them dieing or anything but more like they should live on a separate island. On this island they can keep being assmongrols for all I care. 

I've gone home crying before and I cry in the car before I get home. Sometimes I just want to understand wTf happened to all these people? I know it's the cultural difference but my family is nothing like that. All people are different and I'm so embarrassed I'm Asian sometimes. 

And I'm not saying I'm a China hater, I'm not but I don't really like fobby Chinese people. Or certain areas of Chinese people I should say. It's not that I hate the race, I hate their culture. I hate that they were brought up the way they were and for awhile I really hated them but then.. I realized it's just the way they were raised. I guess in someways it's luck? I find it funny because Chinese people talk shit about each other too. Now I regret saying that, I have great Chinese customers.. they're the best and so nice too. 

This is going to be deleted later like usual. lol. I'm so angry right now.