Monday, March 9, 2009

KyoChon Chicken - Rowland Heights

Posted by Jen Ko at 8:08 PM
I was recommended indirectly through a blog to come here and try their Korean style chicken wings. I looked through yelp and other blogs and it seemed like it was either a hit or miss. One day J and I couldn't think of anything to eat and we came here. We hit traffic on the 60. It took us nearly an hour in traffic to get here!! 
There's no in door seating, only outdoor. You order your food in the store and wait, it was about a 15min wait. They had this point card and he was explaining it to me but I wasn't really listening. lol. I was too fascinated with the menu. 
Our wings came in a very fancy shmancy bag, they also provided us with wet naps. 
This was the picked radish for $1. 
It's suppose to take away the heat/clean the palette from the spicy chicken wings. 

The box. 
The fries.. nope not good. Just skip it if you can. 
These were the spicy wings, I think we got 10 of each and it was pretty expensive. Maybe around $16-$18? I couldn't even eat ONE!! They were so friggen spicy I thought my head was going to explode. I can eat spicy too but these were out of my league. J ate 2 and he was on FIRE. lol, it was funny seeing him panting and sweating and saying the *f* word more then he should have. 
These were pretty good. It tasted like lots of garlic, salt and soy sauce combined. A bit too much salt perhaps? they were good but nothing amazing. If I go back I'll probably only order this and nothing else.
If you purchase $10 or more of food they give you a free box of tissue. I lolled at it when I saw them. It reminds me of gas stations in Taiwan. BUT hey, it's Kleenex brand. I can't complain about that. 
Us in the car, we were both disappointed. My brother even said it was good.. My sister and I totally disagree. It's nothing special, it's just garlic soy chicken wings. 

I'd rather eat WingStop

KyoChon Chicken
18180 E Colima Rd Ste A
Rowland Heights Ca 91748

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