Thursday, May 29, 2008

J. & H. Nails

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The other day I did my friends nails but I only did 2 fingers as a test to see how they would turn out. I really like the blows and stars! I was so proud of myself for the bow because it took a lot of trial and error before but that day I mastered it in one try!! I also did my H. nails, she just came from Taiwan and got me a whole bunch of new glitter powders so I had to do her nails!!

For the new powders that are from Taiwan will cost more for a full set! I just wanted to clarify that because the powders are more expensive then the ones here in America. Thanks for looking~ Good luck everyone & lets work hard!!

This picture doesn't do the nails justice. They are SO glittery & sparkly!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Dorados Cafe

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A few weeks ago J & I had our usual argument of what to eat because he never has an opinion & I'm never satisfied with just "whatever." We passed by this restaurant on Vally in San Gabriel, it's across the street from JR cafe. I think this restaurant used to be a bank.

I believe this was a soft opening because a few days later we saw that it was closed & had a big banner saying, "Grand Opening 5/16." I didn't know it was a hot pot place so I was really surprised & excited but I must say... it was a big disappointment. I've never had such a bad hot pot. I asked the lady if she recommended the Thai style or Korean style & she said the Thai style. The soup was just spicy & was not salty at all. It was horrible! J got the meat lasagna and it looked pretty canned. I had a bite and I felt as if I was eating Chef Boyardee. The only plus was the mushrooms they provided, they were super cute.

Hope you guys go try it though because it might have gotten better since opening. I'll have to go back to give them a second chance.

Thai style soup base

Horrible lasagna

Dorados Cafe

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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Need Promoters!!

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I am looking for at least three promoters to let me do your nails for only $15.

T. Nails

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Hi Again,
I hope everyone noticed the change, I have another number for my nails: 626-345-8880 so please change your numbers in your phone if you haven't already. To my friends, my personal number is still the same so don't change that! If you want your nails done, but you don't like talking on the phone (like me), leave me a text message please~

This summer I'm going to enroll in classes to get my nail technician license & hopefully go to Taiwan to learn more techniques if possible. I was talking to my sister the other day & we both thought it would be a great idea if I started my own nail shop. I'll keep you guys posted, but if I do it'll be a dream come true!! Hopefully before I turn 20 I can have my own shop, but I still have to do more research in it & save up a large amount of money.

The other day I did T's nails & she was so nice! Here are the pictures:

She picked out the two colors& asked me to do the diff. designs. It was really fun!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Y, Nails

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This set of nails is one of my favorites. Actually I think it's because the art process went really smoothly & she was really nice as well. I felt like my hand was taking over me because it was so easy and I didn't make any mistakes. I don't know how to explain it but I really enjoyed doing her nails. Hope you guys enjoy as well!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Leda's Bake Shop

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About two years ago I saw some pictures online of cupcakes from Leda's bake shop & I fell in love! I thought they were so cute & I just wanted to try them so badly, but I didn't have anyone to go with so I kind of forgot about the place until I was on Yelp & I remembered that I've always wanted to go. I asked J if he would take me and he said yes. It took us 1 1/2 hours to get there due to traffic.

The bakery was really cute and they had these tiny cupcakes in a class case. There were so many to choose from & I can't remember exactly which ones I bought but I remembered the Passion Fruit & Red Velvet. They used a butter cream frosting and the passion fruit had some sort of curd inside. I think they were in fact the best cupcakes I've had. It wasn't too sweet either & I think that's a plus because it's not like Sprinkles where the frosting makes you feel like you need to go to the dentist. & they are perfect for people who want to try a little of everything since they are two-bite cupcakes although J eats them in a gulp.

13722 Ventura Blvd
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

M & K.nails

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Over these few days I did two girls nails. One was more simple & the other one was more elaborate. It was the first time I did candy! I like it when people ask me to do certain stuff. Thanks for being so patient with me! Hope everyone enjoys them~

Thursday, May 15, 2008

E. nails

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I did my friend, Elizabeth's nails the other day. I haven't seen her since I was in seventh grade! It's been so long and she got so tall &pretty & skinny. :) Anyways, she gave me the idea to do a gradation of two bold colors so she decided on purple & blue. It took a long time for me to finish for some weird reason. I really liked how it turned out though. Hope you guys like it as well!

M. Nails

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As you all know I just started a freelance nail business but I want to clarify my reasons for charging. I don't know why it bothers me so much but maybe because I'm not a professional. Everyone is saying that I should charge more then $35 to $40 but I feel bad. I'm charging because I want to get more colors and expand but I can't do that if I don't have Mr. Franklin helping me out. Most of you guys know that the nails I do often ring up to over $50 & that's NO 3D nail art.

I've had customers think it's just going to take a brief 1 hour, but I want to make it clear that you might have to sit in front of me for 3 hours! Every little spec has to be neat and pretty, I can't tolerate myself doing a half decent job. I'm not an artistic snob but the nail culture has become a sort of art form & I'm really proud of that.

If my potential customers do read this I want you guys to know I really use only the best products. I keep everything clean & I disinfect my cuticle pusher every time I have another customer.

I met my friend from a long time ago & I did her nails. I really liked the way they turned out! I have a few more pictures I haven't posted up on my myspace yet but I will get to that tomorrow. I'll post up another set of nails I love tomorrow, they were a bit of a challenge to make as well~

First Post

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Hello Everyone,
This is my official first post! I'm so
excited!! This is mainly going to be my blog about food & Nails. I love food but I need to find a better camera so I want to first apologize for the lack of quality in my pictures. I have to take at least 15 pictures to get one good one.

I went to Mexico with my Mom a few months
ago & I never got around to post up these pictures. My mom's friend took us to this seafood restaurant and it was so good! There was this one dish that was just raw shrimp seasoned with A LOT of lemon juice and chili flakes. As you all know acid cooks seafood so the outer layer of the shrimp was a bit pink. They put the shrimp on top of a hill of onions! It was so delicious that my mouth is watering up. & here's the shrimp cocktail. It was gigantic, I couldn't even finish it.

Oh & in Mexico they have so many hot sauces to choose from!