Thursday, May 15, 2008

M. Nails

Posted by Jen Ko at 4:59 AM

As you all know I just started a freelance nail business but I want to clarify my reasons for charging. I don't know why it bothers me so much but maybe because I'm not a professional. Everyone is saying that I should charge more then $35 to $40 but I feel bad. I'm charging because I want to get more colors and expand but I can't do that if I don't have Mr. Franklin helping me out. Most of you guys know that the nails I do often ring up to over $50 & that's NO 3D nail art.

I've had customers think it's just going to take a brief 1 hour, but I want to make it clear that you might have to sit in front of me for 3 hours! Every little spec has to be neat and pretty, I can't tolerate myself doing a half decent job. I'm not an artistic snob but the nail culture has become a sort of art form & I'm really proud of that.

If my potential customers do read this I want you guys to know I really use only the best products. I keep everything clean & I disinfect my cuticle pusher every time I have another customer.

I met my friend from a long time ago & I did her nails. I really liked the way they turned out! I have a few more pictures I haven't posted up on my myspace yet but I will get to that tomorrow. I'll post up another set of nails I love tomorrow, they were a bit of a challenge to make as well~

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