Thursday, May 29, 2008

J. & H. Nails

Posted by Jen Ko at 10:22 PM
The other day I did my friends nails but I only did 2 fingers as a test to see how they would turn out. I really like the blows and stars! I was so proud of myself for the bow because it took a lot of trial and error before but that day I mastered it in one try!! I also did my H. nails, she just came from Taiwan and got me a whole bunch of new glitter powders so I had to do her nails!!

For the new powders that are from Taiwan will cost more for a full set! I just wanted to clarify that because the powders are more expensive then the ones here in America. Thanks for looking~ Good luck everyone & lets work hard!!

This picture doesn't do the nails justice. They are SO glittery & sparkly!

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