Monday, April 27, 2009

Pink & Lace

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I really reallly like this set! Hope you guys like as well.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Donuts, Cupcakes, Candy, Bows and My Melody

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I usually don't like wacky stuff but I did this on my hand a month ago.  It was really too much, I should have just left a my melody on there. :)


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Dim Sum (Seafood Village & Lunasia)

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I never really thought much about dim sum, it used to always taste the same to me. Now, after slowly tasting everything I realized not every dim sum place is good. Still though, I can only decipher the bads but not necessarily the goods. I just think all the goods are about the same. 

I ate dim sum two days in a row so I thought I would just blog about this first. 

These set of pictures are from Seafood Village in Rowland Heights, we were passing by and decided to just eat here. While I was taking pictures my brother kept saying, "it's so embarrassing!" At times it is but who cares what people think!! 

Pork black bean spareribs - It wasn't good here, very oily and lacked flavor.
Turnip cake with X.O sauce - I've had better but this place is cheaper then other dim sum restaurants so I can't really compare it that way. 
Shrimp rice noodle - This has been my favorite since I was little!! It was surprisingly good, usually it's always really soft and soggy which I don't like. I like it a bit firmer. 
Salty fried dumplings 
BBQ pork bun - The pork was very fatty, it was like eating gobbles of fat. lol 
B.B.Q pork - I really liked their BBQ pork because it was really fatty. I think BBQ pork is always better with bits of fat, it just melts in your mouth. I love fatty stuff :) 
I forgot what this was, I think there was cream inside. I only ate a bite of it and gave it to J, he liked it a lot more. 
I also forgot what this was.

Seafood Village Rowland Heights
1463 S Nogales Street 
Rowland Heights CA 91748

Next up is Lunasia located on Main Street and Atlantic. It used to be Triumphal palace and I remember when palace first opened their dim sum was really good but for some reason as time went on it just started going downhill. Now Lunasia has taken over and I think they're doing a good job. At least it's better then most places around here. 

Pork black bean spareribs - It was regular, I think this dish always tastes the same no matter where I get it. 
Pork Siu Mai - I've never ever liked these before!! I don't know why but I do love the ones they sell at Japanese markets where it's white instead of yellow and really small. :) 

Fried pork Mochi - This was very delicious here. The outer layer was crispy and I thought it was the best dish we had that day. 
Sticky Rice wrap - I didn't get to take a picture of the inside because I didn't eat any of it. 
BBQ pork - I love BBQ pork and it was really good here as well. Well, it was $7 so it better have been good :) 
Shrimp rice noodle - Not good, it was too soggy and the rice paper soaked up a lot of soy sauce resulting in a very salty rice noodle. boo!! 

Steamed Chicken feet - anyone? not me.. ew! Just thinking about that chicken stepping in it's own poop grosses me out. 

Lunasia Chinese Cuisine
500 W Main St
Alhambra CA 91899

Friday, April 17, 2009

swarovski rhinestones it up!

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I always wanted to do this! Put the attention on solely one finger and one of my longest customer always trusts me to do what I want. :) When I make something new that I like I'm usually really happy. 

PS I've been slacking off and busy. Some family stuff came up + I just barely got better from being sick so phone calls will be made. I missed a lot of calls.. all on the days when I was sick. I can cancelled appointments like twice so I'm really sorry. I know I show no professionalism but.. I'm doing this because I like it, it's really not for the money. 

Nails are my last priority after school/friends/family/work. & usually when I sit down to start a full set I need everything to be close to perfect. I've just been really lazy and I just wanted to take some time off. 

Sometimes I'll thin, &Y*&#Y$ nail appointment tomorrow.. at the same time it's because I'm just so beat. I don't have any new ideas and I find it embarrassing when I keep doing the same thing. I'm not improving.. only walking in a straight line. 

So to, lizb, E, H(iphone), P, J, and my best friend.. starting from tomorrow I will set appts and keep them. Sorry sorry sorry! I'm always sorry. I say sorry to one person a lot too. lol

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Luna Park (Los Angeles)

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Keep in mind, these pictures were from a few months ago. I never got around to post them because I didn't like the quality of the pictures since I had to use flash. It's really dark in this restaurant but it had a nice ambiance. The only thing that really bothered me were those hipsters sitting next to us. I could hear everything they were saying... and it made me feel so un-cool. lol

It looks like they have a pretty good bar as well. I'm not 21 yet so I don't usually get any drinks because I don't have a fake ID and I don't want to ask J to get me something so we can share. I don't know, I don't really like alcohol.. I only like mixed drinks and it can't taste too much like alcohol. I don't get the point in getting high off of drinking. I do it occasionally which is like once every 2-3 months but I hate what it does to my skin and the next day is so horrible. 

The mojito here is soo good. 
This is the goat cheese fondue. I want to like goat cheese but there's nothing special about it. I always try it and feel bleh about goat cheese. I like stinkier cheeses like Havarti, Roquefort, sharp Cheddar
This was the pork chop that cost $21, It was glazed with honey and it was so good. The only down part was the portion size, it was a very small piece of pork.

J's Mac & cheese. $14. I didn't get what was so special about this. I can make mac and cheese like this and everyone on yelp was raving about this dish. 

Overall Luna Park was an okay place, not worth driving all the way to Los Angeles for though. 

Luna Park
672 S La Brea 
Los Angeles CA 90036

Monday, April 13, 2009

Pink with rhinestones and bow nails

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I need to crop my pics. I have so many I haven't touched yet. 

These were my nails for a little while. :)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Santa Barbara + Summerland (Summerland Beach Cafe & Brophy Brothers)

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Hi Everyone,

I haven't uploaded for awhile and I have so many pictures. I've been sick the past 2 weeks, I came down with a really bad cold. I kept coughing but I didn't have any mucus! I had a fever and threw up.. yeah all that good stuff.

Anyways all of these pictures are from Santa Barbara back in February. Santa Barbara is really nice but.. there's nothing to do there! Everything closes pretty early so I didn't really have anytime to do much except eat. 

I was trying to find a good seafood restaurant to go to and it was reviewed that Brophy Brothers is the best seafood restaurant in Santa Barbara. 

Is it too bright?
The bread wasn't good... at all. It was really dried.
J doesn't eat oysters or clams so I got this whole plate to myself. Truthfully, I was really disappointed. The oysters didn't have the crisp refreshing taste I usually like. 

The clam chowder was good though. This came with J's mahi mahi
This was what I got but I forgot the name of it. It was a seafood stew? BUT it had bell peppers and I don't like bell peppers so it was a bit ruined. 

His mahi mahi. I think American seafood restaurants really rip people off. This dish was about $22 and it was small. 

To sum it all up I don't think Brophy Brothers is my cup of tea. I didn't think it deserved to be named best Seafood in town, but I'll give them another try in the future and hopefully they will surprise me! 

Brophy Brothers
119 Harbor Way
at the Breakwater
Santa Barbara, CA 93109

Summerland inn

The next morning my Mom, J and I went to Summerland Beach Cafe. 

Me and my mumu.
my mom's Maryland Crab cake salad. 
Part of J's breakfast. I forgot to take a picture of it before he gobbled it all up.
My burger. It was a pretty decent burger, I added blue cheese and bacon! 

Summerland Beach Cafe
2294 Lillie Ave
Summerland, CA 93067

The beach in Summerland
I like the feeling of wet sand in between my toes. :) 
Isn't it beautiful?