Sunday, August 31, 2008

pretty & elegant

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I love the pink and blue tips :) & I did new style bows upon customers request. I really like these new bows~

I like the right one!

these are my nails I did awhile ago.

I love nails & I love making people happy. Honestly, sometimes I do my nails and I'll catch myself staring & thinking, "Did I really make this?" It's hard for me because I've never been really good at something. It's hard for me to believe in myself & for just those brief moments I felt like I was good enough. I know I have much to improve and I'm still working on it, but for once I'm proud of myself. I didn't go to school at all and I just researched for years on nails. I wish I could have recieved proper training though.

I'm stilling studying and going to school hoping I'll get my degree in some major. I know being a nail tech isn't something that can put food on the table through my whole life. I need a back up plan & that's why I want to get my degree first before thinking about anything else. I really don't know if I should do it because they want me to be a full time worker but I have school. I feel so mixed up in terms of regrets. I'll regret it both ways so there really isn't much to talk about.

I'll see on Tuesday, maybe they won't even want to use me. My sister said this to me that really triggered everything, "I'm not saying you're not good but, if you were really that great they would work around your schedule instead." Although that put me down, I realized she's right. I have to work harder and just because some celebrity is opening this salon doesn't mean it will be the right one for me. I just don't understand why I'm being picked. There has to be 100s of nail techs around LA.

I just wanted to share because my head hurts & I'm nervous & I feel like it's time for me to grow up and choose what I want with my life. It kind of scares me!!

Thanks for the support & reading ^.^

Thursday, August 28, 2008


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The other day I did my friends nails and I MADE her do a strawberry patch because I've always wanted to do it. I finally did & all thanks to my friend, L! :)


Hopefully no one ever would want this set because it takes so long!!

One of my customers nails, she loves everything extra 3d and colorful.
One side is fruits, one side hearts&roses. :) I like, makes me happy looking at them.

lots & lots of bling.

Hope everyone enjoyed!!

Rose Donuts

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I want to announce the best Sandwich shop around San Gabriel Valley. I won't make the claim further then San Gabriel though because I don't want to get kicked in the face for it.

Sorry for the late-ness of my reviews but I've been so busy with nails and weekend job that I haven't had time to sit on my bed and "chillax." I, sometimes wish I can just relax at home and sleep. I love complaining :)

This is a roast beef sandwich with everything (cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, red onions, dressing). If you want jalapeƱos you'll have to request for it.

Yum. Yum.

I just wanted to emphasize my love for onions. I love onions!

Please go try this place even if it looks really crappy. It's a donut shop & opened 24/7!! Great if you want something to eat late at night.

Rose Donuts
6276 Rosemead Blvd
Temple City, CA 91780
(626) 287-1488

Friday, August 22, 2008


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I decided to slowly introduce pictures of nails on my blog first & when I accumulate enough I will start posting onto facebook & myspace :)

Here's a set I did last week & I forgot to take pics so I ended up going back and taking pictures.

Aren't they so adorable!! <3 onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="">
Super nice customer & fun to talk to :)

I also love roses. They are so elegant and fun to make!!

* I know a lot of people don't like me tagging photos. It's all for promotional purposes & some people want a picture of their design. If you really don't like it please untag! I completely understand and I will not be angry nor disappointed. Fine, I'll be just a tad disappointed but I promise I'll get over it eventually! :)

- I am going to get my license soon! I will be able to cut cuticles and use that awful electronic file. So hope all my customers wait for me a little because I'm still inexperienced in some areas. :)

*** I had a customer that said her nails fell off within the first week~ I'm so sorry to any of you if that has happened & if it has I promise to re-do your nails for free. If this has happened to you please let me know so I can figure out how to fix this problem. So far, I've only heard of one case but if this happens let me know! I'd hate to know your nails fall off so easily because you sit there for 3 hours letting me do your nails. :) ***

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Back From Taiwan

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Hi Everyone,
I haven't updated for awhile! Sorry about that, but now that I'm back from Taiwan I can start updating again. I didn't even finish all the reviews I said I would, I promise to get on that soon.

For all the nail pictures : Facebook me " Jenko nails "

Hope everyone has a nice summer break!

I just did these the other day. I finally found fruits!!

I think I'm going to start *blinging* things soon!! I'm so excited, I'll see how I do and if I do an okay job maybe I'll start blinging everyones phones. :) See you girls soon.

Thanks for all the support about my grandma. She is doing much better, but still in hospital & I hope she has a good recovery!!