Saturday, March 26, 2011

Komasa Restaurant(recommend!!)

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This place is my favorite sushi (nigiri) restaurant. Not only are the prices low, but the quality is superb!! I don't think I've ever been disappointed coming here, and I love places like these. I'm not a fancy shmancy girl, I like to eat fast and leave fast.

I have this secret pet peeve where I don't understand why people sit around at a restaurant(esp small restaurants like this one) and talk when they see how many people are waiting to get seated. I mean, you can go get coffee afterwards OR talk in your car. When I see many people waiting EVEN at souplantation I try to eat quickly because it's the right thing to do. I dunno, I care about the random-est things.

These pictures weren't my best, I always want to gobble up my food before snapping pictures, I need to get better at that!

Ankimo - Monkfish liver ($5)


Sometimes the ankimo is really really good, and it's only $5. I have yet to go anywhere where they sell ankimo for $5. :)



I just recently started liking albacore, and i think one of the main reasons why i like albacore is because of the ponzu it comes with. Komasa's albacore is good.





Spicy Tuna


They have the best spicy tuna!!! Also their salmon is really good as well.




Restaurant Komasa

351 E 2nd St

Los Angeles, CA 90012


Friday, March 25, 2011

CalGel sets

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I just started doing soft gel since they are in high demand. Although after trying soft gel I have still realized that it does hurt the nail bed like acrylic, but just not as much. I recommend gel for those who DON'T want extensions and want something simpler and natural. I am actually beginning to really appreciate soft gel! :)

DSC_0149 copy


DSC_0141 copy

P1010749 copy

P1010752 copy

P1010723 copy

DSC_0066 copy

DSC_0076 copy

Thursday, March 24, 2011

New nail sets!

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These are acrylics I did from last year(?)
Hope you girls like!!

IMG_0119 copy

IMG_0127 copy

IMG_0023 copy