Friday, February 25, 2011

Pretty girl kills innocent bunny - UPDATE!!

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Remember this girl?

Apparently the bunny video wasn't what it seemed to be. It's actually one example of an "amateur" video on animal crushing. I can not believe it. I just can't. People pay money to watch girls stomp on furry creatures. It broke my heart, I even read about them killing dogs and cats.

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So not long after the video burst, the girl apparently came forth to do an interview and wrote an apology letter. this is what she had to say...

The reason she killed those animals was because she was threatened. She thought she finally found a job, but instead her job consisted of crushing animals.

"Old people have said before that people are reincarnated. I used to think they were just stories, but now I hope it is true.

If I am reincarnated, I want to be a tree, to be one with nature, without feelings, and without worries, without thought, and also without hypocrisy. To be simple just like this.

I wonder how I can forgive myself, to allow my heart to feel better, but I can’t do it.

A crack for a mirror is a permanent injury, and once there is a crack, it can never make up for it. Life is a mirror, and my mirror already has a deep crack, one that can never be healed.

I will never be able to forget this trauma. It has already become a stain I can never wipe away. Am I able to get God’s forgiveness? I don’t know. God has given me the punishment I ought to have, and it is the punishment I deserve to have. I have begun to believe in reincarnation, begun to believe in karma.

The mistakes I have committed, one day I will have to pay for them.

I had thought of killing myself, but what has happened cannot be changed, and I can only begin anew. I hope I can use all of my time from this day on to love and cherish all living things, use all of my time to make up for this mistake. I am willing to do everything I can to atone for my sin. Huang Xiaoxiao."

Please read the article at Chinasmack

In my opinion - she's not forgiven.

Open Door (Monterey park) - take two

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What can I say about Open door? I finally can use the saying, "fool me once, shame on you. fool me twice, shame on me." I believe in second chances, and I hate criticizing eateries... but wtf? Maybe I ONCE again ordered the wrong dishes? I personally do not recommend Open door if you want good food, I do recommend Open door if you want some specialty Japanese beers and a little bite to eat.

I really try not to be an ass when it comes to food, but everything was way too salty. Maybe I don't appreciate fusion. Not my type of restaurant I suppose.

207 copy
J really enjoyed this beer. His favorite "dish" of the night.

208 copy
Truffle tater tots - all i had were question marks (????) lol.

209 copy
Hamachi - Probably the highlight of the night. The ONLY highlight of the night.
Fish was fresh compared to last time I came.

216 copy
Wings - salty, didn't even finish or bother to take home.

224 copy
Rib eye (kind of like Gyu Kaku's Sukiyaki Bibimpap) - SALTY, meat was dry, SALTY, did I mention it was rather salty.

226 copy
Onigiri - Not the best although I'm not going to say I know what a really good tasting one is, but this is def. not good.

211 copy
J doesn't complain much, and he didn't like the food.

We got the bill, and it was a bit outrageous. I would have rather saved my money and went to Chipotle. I'm sorry, I feel bad but never again will I shame myself. haha. I feel so bad for posting this... but I just have to.


Monday, February 21, 2011

french tipped pink blue gradation

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I did these for myself A LONG time ago, for my birthday I believe.
When I took this picture they already grew out and I wasn't so happy with them.

IMG_0889 copy

I believe that there's always room for improvement, and that's hopefully how one succeeds.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Christmas - Marc by Marc Jacobs, Dior, Uggs

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This is late but it was CHRISTMAS TIME!! For some reason, i wasn't really in the spirit this past Christmas. J always gets so excited when Christmas is coming around, maybe because I'm Chinese and I've only ever had 1x Christmas tree my whole life. It's nice having J because he really REALLY loves Christmas. & every year he gets into the spirit of buying me presents ALTHOUGH i always tell him that I'd rather him save money, but it never works.

DSC_0046 copy

DSC_0050 copy
I tried this on at Sephora and liked the jelly texture and J remembered and bought it. I've used it for over a month now and it hasn't helped with my dry skin. Don't really care for it, i felt like it was a waste of money. I will be sticking to Shiseido white lucent.

DSC_0053 copy
I actually had a 3 day Christmas. J bought me a chestnut pair of uggs in November, but due to a certain drunken night with friends, my boots got really messed up because i didn't spray any sort of protector on it. I've wanted uggs as long as I could remember and I never bought them because I felt like they were too expensive and he bought them for me so when they got dirty I cried. We even tried to clean them with UGG cleaner but I made the worse. For those who know me know that I don't cherish my things unless I REALLY REALLY like it. Plus, i got my uggs a bit too big so I recommend getting a size smaller.

So on the 23rd he picked me up from work and I was still bummed about my boots, i know... i'm such a downer and he surprised me with another pair. I cried in happiness because i have the best boyfriend in this world.

As for those who think UGG boots are ugly, I don't care. If you have a pair you would know how comfortable they are. wtf? I wear them ALL the time now, and i have bad blood circulation on my feet and they turn purple but with uggs it has helped me stay warm. Also, i used to wear a lot of flats and I have wide feet so uggs helped revive my toes. They look so much better now!!

DSC_0056 copy

DSC_0059 copy

DSC_0067 copy
J took me bag hunting one day and I didn't see ANY bag I liked, i think it was just all too expensive for me. When I graduate and make more money one day I would love to get a Mulberry Alexa bag/Chanel but I'm just not the luxury kind of gal. I'm so weird!!! So when I opened the box, I was sincerely happy but I felt like it was a waste of money.

I asked J how much the bag cost and I got kind of upset and told him I wanted to return it. We actually got into an argument that night because he felt like I should accept the present since it was a gift, but my thoughts were that we WEREN'T 18 anymore, we have to save while we can and since he's the one that makes 60k and i make like then 16k... he has to take care of us both. I felt bad because he spent all his money on my presents that he had to make last minute adjustments on presents for his family.

So in the end after a week of discussing, J said he would only return the bag if I let him buy me a camera. I agreed because I felt like I could make more use of a camera, and I can just go to Urban Outfitters for a nice bag that cost a fraction of the MBMJ bag.

We got the Olympus E-PL1, US versions only come in black and silver, but I really wanted to white one so we bought it off of Ebay. I love this camera so much so far. It's much more compact then my Nikon D60, and takes much better photos then my Canon point and shoot.

DSC_0063 copy
J and my Marie gloves :)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Brodard Restaurant - Garden Grove

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A few of us decided to visit the two Daniel's in Costa Mesa, and L was talking about a really yummy Vietnamese restaurant around there so after much debate we decided to go. L kept raving about their spring rolls(nem nuong), to be honest i was thinking, "yeah right, how good can spring rolls be."
The restaurant looks pretty big and it was packed on a weekday. The wait wasn't too long though which we appreciated, and as we were getting seated EVERY table had a plate of nem nuong. It took our table of 5 thirty minutes to decide what we wanted. We had a blast looking at yelp and questioning our server on yelp pictures. Although i'm a devoted hater of yelp, i have to say yelp saved the day.
DSC_0085 copy

DSC_0088 copy
L looking at yelp pictures :
DSC_0095 copy

Trying to figure out what we were going to order.
DSC_0103 copy
one of the Daniel's
DSC_0106 copy
I love the variety of condiments, I LOVE condiments in general but I was wondering what the garlic was for. Maybe someone can tell me? :)
DSC_0101 copy
The two Daniel's.
DSC_0108 copy
Nem Nuong Cuon - This was really good, i was so surprised too! There's something about the spring roll, maybe it's the crispy wonton skin? or the delicious sauce that comes with. Or the pork loaf, whatever it is... the combination is superb.
DSC_0111 copy
This sauce is served warm, it was so good. The rolls are only good fresh though
DSC_0113 copy
See the crispy wonton skin? Yum.
DSC_0122 copy
condiments for our noodles (bun hue ?)
DSC_0120 copy
my bun hue, i loved the soup.
DSC_0124 copy

DSC_0136 copy
vermicelli bowl x1
DSC_0138 copy
vermicelli bowl x2
I really enjoyed Brodard, if they weren't that far away I'd visit frequently. Maybe i'd just order the nem nuongs since they were that good!!

Brodard Restaurant
9892 Westminster Ave
Garden Grove, CA 92844