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Christmas - Marc by Marc Jacobs, Dior, Uggs

Posted by Jen Ko at 3:01 PM
This is late but it was CHRISTMAS TIME!! For some reason, i wasn't really in the spirit this past Christmas. J always gets so excited when Christmas is coming around, maybe because I'm Chinese and I've only ever had 1x Christmas tree my whole life. It's nice having J because he really REALLY loves Christmas. & every year he gets into the spirit of buying me presents ALTHOUGH i always tell him that I'd rather him save money, but it never works.

DSC_0046 copy

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I tried this on at Sephora and liked the jelly texture and J remembered and bought it. I've used it for over a month now and it hasn't helped with my dry skin. Don't really care for it, i felt like it was a waste of money. I will be sticking to Shiseido white lucent.

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I actually had a 3 day Christmas. J bought me a chestnut pair of uggs in November, but due to a certain drunken night with friends, my boots got really messed up because i didn't spray any sort of protector on it. I've wanted uggs as long as I could remember and I never bought them because I felt like they were too expensive and he bought them for me so when they got dirty I cried. We even tried to clean them with UGG cleaner but I made the worse. For those who know me know that I don't cherish my things unless I REALLY REALLY like it. Plus, i got my uggs a bit too big so I recommend getting a size smaller.

So on the 23rd he picked me up from work and I was still bummed about my boots, i know... i'm such a downer and he surprised me with another pair. I cried in happiness because i have the best boyfriend in this world.

As for those who think UGG boots are ugly, I don't care. If you have a pair you would know how comfortable they are. wtf? I wear them ALL the time now, and i have bad blood circulation on my feet and they turn purple but with uggs it has helped me stay warm. Also, i used to wear a lot of flats and I have wide feet so uggs helped revive my toes. They look so much better now!!

DSC_0056 copy

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J took me bag hunting one day and I didn't see ANY bag I liked, i think it was just all too expensive for me. When I graduate and make more money one day I would love to get a Mulberry Alexa bag/Chanel but I'm just not the luxury kind of gal. I'm so weird!!! So when I opened the box, I was sincerely happy but I felt like it was a waste of money.

I asked J how much the bag cost and I got kind of upset and told him I wanted to return it. We actually got into an argument that night because he felt like I should accept the present since it was a gift, but my thoughts were that we WEREN'T 18 anymore, we have to save while we can and since he's the one that makes 60k and i make like then 16k... he has to take care of us both. I felt bad because he spent all his money on my presents that he had to make last minute adjustments on presents for his family.

So in the end after a week of discussing, J said he would only return the bag if I let him buy me a camera. I agreed because I felt like I could make more use of a camera, and I can just go to Urban Outfitters for a nice bag that cost a fraction of the MBMJ bag.

We got the Olympus E-PL1, US versions only come in black and silver, but I really wanted to white one so we bought it off of Ebay. I love this camera so much so far. It's much more compact then my Nikon D60, and takes much better photos then my Canon point and shoot.

DSC_0063 copy
J and my Marie gloves :)

4 comments on "Christmas - Marc by Marc Jacobs, Dior, Uggs"

suki pooki on February 27, 2011 at 1:48 PM said...

Wah! What awesome presents! I think uggs are super cute too! But I didn't buy any for the longest time because 1.) they pretty expensive and 2.) made of sheeps skin/fur etc. lol so when I saw juicy make a pair from synthetic fur I jumped on the them....and fast too! It's so cute that your bf loves christmas more than you hahaha it seems that guys are usually the other way around ( etc. my bf!) and that is a gorgeous marc jacobs bag!!!! love love love! But I agree, a camera is probably more versitile, but honestly, I would want both hahahaha a Chanel bag is on my list too =P

P.s hows the camera? I've contemplated on buying the pen but decided not too since it's larger than my current camera, but I LOVE the art filters that it has!

Jen Ko on February 27, 2011 at 2:14 PM said...

Hi!! First off, AH thanks for coming to my blog because I luvv yours!! You went to Disney World!! I LOVE EVERYTHING DISNEY!

I know, i'm more of a tomboy deep down inside. Def. not the sentimental kind of girl, but I'm working on it. I don't even remember anniv. dates with my bf, i tell him he's lucky i don't care about stuff like that. haha

If you have the $$ i really would go with the Pansonic GF2! I REALLY APPRECIATE the art filters though, but since I have an slr it makes me tear because I <3 taking pictures of food. Usually it's dark in restaurants so the pen doesn't really work well. I guess you can't have everything in a camera... hahah, maybe we've got to wait another 5 years.

Off to enjoy your blog! :)

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