Sunday, December 19, 2010

What to do?

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First off, i'm very ignorant. I never read the news and i think i don't read the news for a good reason. I feel so bad for people, i feel so gracious for being lucky that i was born and raised in a great environment. I have clothes and shelter, friends and family. I am almost crying right now because i just can't cope that people in this world aren't as lucky as me.

I've been reading a lot from
I guess i want to admit something first, i never really cared for China, I was very biased towards them but for some reason this year it came to me that we are all equal. Just because a lot of bad news revolves around China doesn't mean everyone that lives in China is the same. Through forums i learned how many people do care in this world, but if only all these people that cared could do something about it.

Recently, I've been reading about places in china where they enslave handicapped people for THREE years without proper food and care. They make them work everyday, and they get beaten if they don't work fast enough or even electrocuted. I look at these pictures and I just want to cry, because in their faces you can see all the pain they have been through but for some reason i can see hope. I seek revenge for those who treat these people like this. I started googling about this and i found out that in 2007, about 450 people worked in brick kilns. OMG, i'm at work and i can't even work at all.

$1350 for 5 workers. $1350/5 = $270 usd.
So each person is only worth $270?!?

I will update this later with pictures that broke my heart.
I feel too lucky, i feel like i want to help these people but where to start?
In the end I still feel so selfish...

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Pretty girl kills innocent bunny

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I am outraged by this... and these are the times that I wish i didn't read news articles because I HATE reading articles about animal cruelty. CRUELTY in general, i don't give a hoot if you were abused when you were younger... it's not right and there is no justification to inflict pain on anything or anyone.

The reason why I'm blogging about this is because i want this girl to pay for what she did to that bunny. If you are too lazy to click on the link, I am going to provide the content. AND i didn't even watch the video because I think I'd cry and fly to China or wherever this girl lives and stab her in the heart. I'm not kidding, so for those like me... don't watch it. Just pass on this news so more people become aware and we'll see if we can catch these girls. If you want to watch the video, click on the above link and there should be something embedded.

Introducing our bunny killer and her device to kill this bunny is that piece of glass on the floor. She's a pretty girl no? She basically puts the glass plate on the bunny and sits on the glass plate until the bunny dies.

Below is taken from the above link.

"The entire video showed one pretty girl brutally killing a little rabbit, and two other girls sitting there, watching and laughing. They all spoke Sichuan dialect, sounded like Chengdu locals.

At 1’36” of the video, the girl said “softly sit on it”, then she put the rabbit on the table and sat on it. “So soft!” she said. The rabbit jumped and fell on the floor.

The girl put the rabbit back onto the table and placed a glass plate on top of it. At 2’16” of the video, she sat on top of the glass plate and said, “Sit on the skull… does it know I am sitting on it?” The sound of things being crushed…

The rabbit killer moved around her body sitting on the glass plate while humming a tune. At 3’03” of the video, she stood up and lifted up the glass plate, poor rabbit was dead.

At 3’35” of the video, she sat on the glass plate again, still humming, and the others just laughed. The girl lifted both of her legs off the floor and said, “ha I am using my entire body weight!” "




Look at this girl with her satisfied looking face, she has absolutely no remorse on her face... utterly disgusting.

I just can't bare to watch the video, and it makes me so sick that there's people in this world who would do this. I know, there's probably so much more I don't know but how is this right? Apparently there were two other girls sitting and laughing... how could they? It's just like that one incident where a high school girl got raped and there were 20people that passed by or watched.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

time is always ahead of me

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Lately, i've gotten so many texts and calls about nail appointments. I haven't done anyone's nails for about half a year now so i wanted to apologize to anyone that left me a fb message/text/email/phone call. I'm the worst person responding because i am so lazy. Explaining how i might start doing nails soon is the worst. There comes the questions, and i have to find the answers... truth is, i'm indecisive. I don't know when i'm actually going to start, everything seems to take so much time these days.

1) I will start doing nails soon, i promise... it's getting cold, a lot of you have been asking me about gel nails. I'm thinking about getting calgel, but I am low on cash and gel is expensive. My whole plan was to start buying gel, but i haven't had time! I haven't even had time to look at what colors to buy.

2) I don't work at Oops J anymore, I have to change my fb page. I still refer people there though, but my contract has ended so I will start working from home again.

3) Please forgive my carelessness, i know a lot of girls have been supporting me and that really brings *tears* to my eyes. It's not a business to me, it's more about the experience and all the different girls I've met. Don't give up on me!! I will be back, and work harder then before.

Plus, I have to re-amp my nail skills before i start again right? I really do...
Sorry for not answering text messages, i'm going to go do that right now. also, i have to renew my manicurist license!!

:) I never have any time for anything... I was thinking of only having one day out of the week for nails. I think that might be the best for me, try to squish people in there. it seems like time is never on my side, i rarely sleep in and i'm constantly tired when i do have a day off. It's like, "what? it's already" Nails have been the last thing on my mind, but I realized how much i loved doing it before so I have DECIDED to start again.

*i was also thinking about doing a couple of sets of nails for free* - just because i haven't done them in so long. I will post that up when I've finally decided.

thank you- *will work harder~

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Back to December

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manohman, i've found yet another song i keep listening to and reflecting.

+ i can't find to have enough time to update my blog, and i've come to conclusion that i'm just plain lazy. Also, i'm suppose to be finishing a 10pg paper right now.

"your guard is up and i know why cause the last you saw me is still burned in the back of your mind. You gave me roses and I left them there to die."

"So this is me swallowing my pride, standing in front of you saying i'm sorry and i go back to december all the time."

"You gave me all your love and all i gave you was goodbye... and i go back to december all the time. I'd go back to december and change my own mind.

"I'd go back in time and change it but i can't so if the chain is on your door, i understand"
"and how you held me in your arms that one september night. The first time you ever saw me cry. Maybe this is wishful thinking, probably mindless dreaming . if we loved again i swear i'd love you right." -Taylor Swift

*i'm sure this song is going to be over-played on the radio soon. I love her lyrics, and i think i love her lyrics because she says it in such an innocence. It's simple and everyone can pretty much relate.

I think i'm a pure cancer, and i also think using astrology signs is an excuse in life to be the way you are. I'm just someone that takes toll with my feelings.

maybe it's on the the other blog for the rest.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

life keeps going

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I'm 22 this year, and I still haven't felt like I've achieved much... or anything at all. I put life on hold sometimes when things don't go right.

There's an abundant of personal stuff that I'm not going to explain or go into detail, but it pretty much went like this.

J decided to make a wrong choice and he decided he wanted to break up.
J meets another girl
I meet other boys
J breaks up with other girl
I end up with another boy
J wants to get back together
I'm in love with another boy
J trys to win me back
I end up with J after breaking up for over half a year.

It's not romantic, it wasn't pretty, and I'm not proud.

I felt like I changed as a person after we broke up, I became more confident, I thought I was happy but I feel like J is the only person that can make me happy. We are stronger than ever, but what happened still hurts. I hate myself for hurting others, and that's something I will always have to live with.

Love isn't a fairytale, we can only make the best out of it. Try to embrace ourselves while loving the other person. I learned it the hard way, and I'm so content and happy now. I think I just need to figure out what to do with my life now.

Life still goes on even if you have a broken heart, but a broken heart can always be mended.

Taihei (2)

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Hi everyone,
I haven't uploaded in awhile and since a few months back, my life has taken another dramatic change. J took me to Taihei a few months back for v-day because I was really sad at the time. J came back, and I decided to give our relationship another chance. I suppose I'll post this in a post after this.

I love Taihei, I love yakitori, I love oden!!

<span class=DSC_0263">
Asahi beer for Jake, coke for me. - I still hate the way alcohol tastes, Blehh...

<span class=DSC_0266">

<span class=DSC_0270">
Chicken liver pate - I enjoyed this, but felt like there wasn't enough bread.

<span class=DSC_0271">
Breast with plum sauce

<span class=DSC_0276">
Daikon (oden) - J really like Daikon, but I don't because sometimes it could be bitter if it's not stewed well.

<span class=DSC_0294">
But... Taihei has some really good daikon.

<span class=DSC_0282">
Chicken thigh - it's really good, especially since there's areas of the chicken that's a bit charred. Char is good!
Kobe beef tataki - J and I love beef esp Tataki with ponzu sauce.

<span class=DSC_0297">
Fish cake - This is such a different kind of fish cake, it's very good though. I know Taiwanese fish balls are QQ in texture, but this is much more dense. All i know is that it's very good!!

<span class=DSC_0301">
Pork stomach(?) belly - IT's so good... Pork is delicious, I am trying very hard to get J into pork.
beef tongue - Sometimes I think beef tongue is good but sometimes I just don't get it.
Asparagus wrapped in bacon - We initially ordered 2, but the waitress asked us if we were sure and we remembered that it came like this. The asparagus were huge, and it's one of J's favs.

<span class=DSC_0320">
Shrimp - I love shrimpies, i don't remember this shrimp that much though, but I enjoyed sucking on the head and making loud sounds

<span class=DSC_0326">
I'm too lazy to browse for the name. It's a soft boiled egg filled with ikura in broth. I LOVE soft boiled eggs!!!
Hanpan - it's like a sponge, it's my favorite ALL TIME. My mom used to put it in my soups, i think it's very kid friendly. The sponge sucks up all the oden juices, and it's like an explosion in your mouth... fine a mini explosion.

Try Taihei, i hear some likes and dislikes but I love how you can try so many dishes and I also love how they have both oden and yakitori. :)

Monday, May 17, 2010

From Head To Toe

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I stumbled across Jen From head to toe on youtube and watched many of her youtube videos. Like many, I was thinking... "not fair, she is so pretty and good at make up," until I saw her recent video regarding bloggers with no make-up day.

watch her videos!!

My eyes actually got watery looking at this video, I've never had acne growing up so I've been really lucky. I am also a firm believer that beauty comes from within and that everyone is beautiful, don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Check out her blog as well


I haven't been updating as much as I would like, I broke my laptop by dropping it on the cement a few months ago.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Memories of the past few month

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"Pictures are worth 1000 words"

I just had a bit of a meltdown at work, I'm really bad at handeling stress. The past few months have been somewhat of a roller coaster ride but because of my friends... I made it through. I have to thank all of them for listening to me whine all day. Throughout this time, I learned a lot about myself... I lost a few friends and also gained a few. What's most amazing is how life plays out, there's never going to be a day where everything's "ok," and I'm finally okay with that. I've stopped trying to figure everything out and I'm learning how to concentrate on the things that are most important in life.

I have some more amazing news coming up in the near future. :)

TC friends

trying hard to be cute.

take 1

Take 2 ... eventually we gave up.

Palos Verdes - people that live there are so lucky.

Probably one of the better pictures I've ever taken of someone.

life is like this road don't you think?


He's such a fierce cat. :) and very photogenic

another great picture


do you understand what's on that monitor? I learned quiet a lot from this friend who's a developer.... I still have no clue, it's like speaking in another language

this is what a motorcycle can do to your leg. :(

Momo got the ugliest hair cut everrr.

sunrise - I didn't take this one but I thought it was so beautiful.

love the shadows

he's so awesome.


I forgot... cat's aren't dogs.


hahah i wanted to note how my family uses newspaper. Easy clean up.

fresh uni. Jealous?

This is so awesome. You can make sushi out of candy. Bought it at Mitsuwa for about $5 and made it with my friend. We didn't do such a great job because I messed up.

First time I dyed a guys hair. I'm persuasive when I want to be so he let me dye it.

lazy mornings are always fun

this reminded me of a corn field

I love clouds.

I haven't updated for awhile so I'm doing a huge picture heavy post of the past few months of my life. I love photography, partly because it grasps memories that I sometimes freely throw away. Perhaps it's my horrible memory, but hopefully I'll at least have 2 posts a week from now on. I know my words never count. :)

Hope no one got fooled too bad since todays April Fools. The google - Topeka thing was very funny