Sunday, August 15, 2010

Taihei (2)

Posted by Jen Ko at 2:01 PM
Hi everyone,
I haven't uploaded in awhile and since a few months back, my life has taken another dramatic change. J took me to Taihei a few months back for v-day because I was really sad at the time. J came back, and I decided to give our relationship another chance. I suppose I'll post this in a post after this.

I love Taihei, I love yakitori, I love oden!!

<span class=DSC_0263">
Asahi beer for Jake, coke for me. - I still hate the way alcohol tastes, Blehh...

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Chicken liver pate - I enjoyed this, but felt like there wasn't enough bread.

<span class=DSC_0271">
Breast with plum sauce

<span class=DSC_0276">
Daikon (oden) - J really like Daikon, but I don't because sometimes it could be bitter if it's not stewed well.

<span class=DSC_0294">
But... Taihei has some really good daikon.

<span class=DSC_0282">
Chicken thigh - it's really good, especially since there's areas of the chicken that's a bit charred. Char is good!
Kobe beef tataki - J and I love beef esp Tataki with ponzu sauce.

<span class=DSC_0297">
Fish cake - This is such a different kind of fish cake, it's very good though. I know Taiwanese fish balls are QQ in texture, but this is much more dense. All i know is that it's very good!!

<span class=DSC_0301">
Pork stomach(?) belly - IT's so good... Pork is delicious, I am trying very hard to get J into pork.
beef tongue - Sometimes I think beef tongue is good but sometimes I just don't get it.
Asparagus wrapped in bacon - We initially ordered 2, but the waitress asked us if we were sure and we remembered that it came like this. The asparagus were huge, and it's one of J's favs.

<span class=DSC_0320">
Shrimp - I love shrimpies, i don't remember this shrimp that much though, but I enjoyed sucking on the head and making loud sounds

<span class=DSC_0326">
I'm too lazy to browse for the name. It's a soft boiled egg filled with ikura in broth. I LOVE soft boiled eggs!!!
Hanpan - it's like a sponge, it's my favorite ALL TIME. My mom used to put it in my soups, i think it's very kid friendly. The sponge sucks up all the oden juices, and it's like an explosion in your mouth... fine a mini explosion.

Try Taihei, i hear some likes and dislikes but I love how you can try so many dishes and I also love how they have both oden and yakitori. :)

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