Friday, February 25, 2011

Open Door (Monterey park) - take two

Posted by Jen Ko at 4:06 PM
What can I say about Open door? I finally can use the saying, "fool me once, shame on you. fool me twice, shame on me." I believe in second chances, and I hate criticizing eateries... but wtf? Maybe I ONCE again ordered the wrong dishes? I personally do not recommend Open door if you want good food, I do recommend Open door if you want some specialty Japanese beers and a little bite to eat.

I really try not to be an ass when it comes to food, but everything was way too salty. Maybe I don't appreciate fusion. Not my type of restaurant I suppose.

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J really enjoyed this beer. His favorite "dish" of the night.

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Truffle tater tots - all i had were question marks (????) lol.

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Hamachi - Probably the highlight of the night. The ONLY highlight of the night.
Fish was fresh compared to last time I came.

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Wings - salty, didn't even finish or bother to take home.

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Rib eye (kind of like Gyu Kaku's Sukiyaki Bibimpap) - SALTY, meat was dry, SALTY, did I mention it was rather salty.

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Onigiri - Not the best although I'm not going to say I know what a really good tasting one is, but this is def. not good.

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J doesn't complain much, and he didn't like the food.

We got the bill, and it was a bit outrageous. I would have rather saved my money and went to Chipotle. I'm sorry, I feel bad but never again will I shame myself. haha. I feel so bad for posting this... but I just have to.


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