Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Back From Taiwan

Posted by Jen Ko at 9:20 AM
Hi Everyone,
I haven't updated for awhile! Sorry about that, but now that I'm back from Taiwan I can start updating again. I didn't even finish all the reviews I said I would, I promise to get on that soon.

For all the nail pictures : Facebook me " Jenko nails "

Hope everyone has a nice summer break!

I just did these the other day. I finally found fruits!!

I think I'm going to start *blinging* things soon!! I'm so excited, I'll see how I do and if I do an okay job maybe I'll start blinging everyones phones. :) See you girls soon.

Thanks for all the support about my grandma. She is doing much better, but still in hospital & I hope she has a good recovery!!

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