Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Dim Sum (Seafood Village & Lunasia)

Posted by Jen Ko at 6:31 AM
I never really thought much about dim sum, it used to always taste the same to me. Now, after slowly tasting everything I realized not every dim sum place is good. Still though, I can only decipher the bads but not necessarily the goods. I just think all the goods are about the same. 

I ate dim sum two days in a row so I thought I would just blog about this first. 

These set of pictures are from Seafood Village in Rowland Heights, we were passing by and decided to just eat here. While I was taking pictures my brother kept saying, "it's so embarrassing!" At times it is but who cares what people think!! 

Pork black bean spareribs - It wasn't good here, very oily and lacked flavor.
Turnip cake with X.O sauce - I've had better but this place is cheaper then other dim sum restaurants so I can't really compare it that way. 
Shrimp rice noodle - This has been my favorite since I was little!! It was surprisingly good, usually it's always really soft and soggy which I don't like. I like it a bit firmer. 
Salty fried dumplings 
BBQ pork bun - The pork was very fatty, it was like eating gobbles of fat. lol 
B.B.Q pork - I really liked their BBQ pork because it was really fatty. I think BBQ pork is always better with bits of fat, it just melts in your mouth. I love fatty stuff :) 
I forgot what this was, I think there was cream inside. I only ate a bite of it and gave it to J, he liked it a lot more. 
I also forgot what this was.

Seafood Village Rowland Heights
1463 S Nogales Street 
Rowland Heights CA 91748

Next up is Lunasia located on Main Street and Atlantic. It used to be Triumphal palace and I remember when palace first opened their dim sum was really good but for some reason as time went on it just started going downhill. Now Lunasia has taken over and I think they're doing a good job. At least it's better then most places around here. 

Pork black bean spareribs - It was regular, I think this dish always tastes the same no matter where I get it. 
Pork Siu Mai - I've never ever liked these before!! I don't know why but I do love the ones they sell at Japanese markets where it's white instead of yellow and really small. :) 

Fried pork Mochi - This was very delicious here. The outer layer was crispy and I thought it was the best dish we had that day. 
Sticky Rice wrap - I didn't get to take a picture of the inside because I didn't eat any of it. 
BBQ pork - I love BBQ pork and it was really good here as well. Well, it was $7 so it better have been good :) 
Shrimp rice noodle - Not good, it was too soggy and the rice paper soaked up a lot of soy sauce resulting in a very salty rice noodle. boo!! 

Steamed Chicken feet - anyone? not me.. ew! Just thinking about that chicken stepping in it's own poop grosses me out. 

Lunasia Chinese Cuisine
500 W Main St
Alhambra CA 91899

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