Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Dorados Cafe

Posted by Jen Ko at 7:05 PM
A few weeks ago J & I had our usual argument of what to eat because he never has an opinion & I'm never satisfied with just "whatever." We passed by this restaurant on Vally in San Gabriel, it's across the street from JR cafe. I think this restaurant used to be a bank.

I believe this was a soft opening because a few days later we saw that it was closed & had a big banner saying, "Grand Opening 5/16." I didn't know it was a hot pot place so I was really surprised & excited but I must say... it was a big disappointment. I've never had such a bad hot pot. I asked the lady if she recommended the Thai style or Korean style & she said the Thai style. The soup was just spicy & was not salty at all. It was horrible! J got the meat lasagna and it looked pretty canned. I had a bite and I felt as if I was eating Chef Boyardee. The only plus was the mushrooms they provided, they were super cute.

Hope you guys go try it though because it might have gotten better since opening. I'll have to go back to give them a second chance.

Thai style soup base

Horrible lasagna

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