Thursday, May 15, 2008

First Post

Posted by Jen Ko at 4:35 AM
Hello Everyone,
This is my official first post! I'm so
excited!! This is mainly going to be my blog about food & Nails. I love food but I need to find a better camera so I want to first apologize for the lack of quality in my pictures. I have to take at least 15 pictures to get one good one.

I went to Mexico with my Mom a few months
ago & I never got around to post up these pictures. My mom's friend took us to this seafood restaurant and it was so good! There was this one dish that was just raw shrimp seasoned with A LOT of lemon juice and chili flakes. As you all know acid cooks seafood so the outer layer of the shrimp was a bit pink. They put the shrimp on top of a hill of onions! It was so delicious that my mouth is watering up. & here's the shrimp cocktail. It was gigantic, I couldn't even finish it.

Oh & in Mexico they have so many hot sauces to choose from!

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