Saturday, May 24, 2008

T. Nails

Posted by Jen Ko at 3:52 AM
Hi Again,
I hope everyone noticed the change, I have another number for my nails: 626-345-8880 so please change your numbers in your phone if you haven't already. To my friends, my personal number is still the same so don't change that! If you want your nails done, but you don't like talking on the phone (like me), leave me a text message please~

This summer I'm going to enroll in classes to get my nail technician license & hopefully go to Taiwan to learn more techniques if possible. I was talking to my sister the other day & we both thought it would be a great idea if I started my own nail shop. I'll keep you guys posted, but if I do it'll be a dream come true!! Hopefully before I turn 20 I can have my own shop, but I still have to do more research in it & save up a large amount of money.

The other day I did T's nails & she was so nice! Here are the pictures:

She picked out the two colors& asked me to do the diff. designs. It was really fun!

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