Friday, March 27, 2009

The Company I work for sucks.

Posted by Jen Ko at 3:36 AM
I really think the company I work for should die in a fire. 
No, I'm not talking about the nail one, I'm talking about my other job that I've been working for for four years. 

For the past four years our store was owned by two of my bosses. The thing is, our store was the last franchise but they shared the profit 60/40. Sounds great, not really.. the main Company loves deducting commission off of everything. My boss thought it would be better if they stopped working together and decided to give them back the store. Now she's our store manager + she's still waiting for her down payment back.

Therefore, the rest of us who were once under her payroll are now under the main company's payroll. 

They cut my hours, and they deduct money off of everything. They even said if our table is not kept clean we will get commission deducted!!! wTf?

They cut my hours by a lot too and they expect me to activate so many lines that it's just not reasonable. & during the meetings they always make you feel like you're disposable at anytime. I know the economy is bad right now but think about it, our avg profit per customer is $80 and we have about 200 activations a month. They give us so much pressure about letting people go ad they cut hours. We do all their dirty work, we do all this shit that T-Mobile def. wouldn't approve of just so we can reach this quota. Does T-Mobile know what kind of fucked up shit they're doing. NO they do not. 

I'm just really angry and I don't think I deserve this treatment, I work hard and I sell sell sell. I know this is the real world and there's a lot of other company's that treat their employees like shit too but... I speak fluent English. I really want to find out if they're allowed to treat us this way. A lot of the employees are Chinese and don't understand that this is America.

I'm actually a very proud American.

On another note, MoMo says hi!

P.S. I've been sick lately. I have this lame cold that won't go away and I just don't want to cough on people while I'm doing nails. It just doesn't feel sanitary. Hopefully I'll get better soon and call everyone back. 

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