Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Guys whom I think are good looking

Posted by Jen Ko at 7:08 PM
I'm pretty bored at work and since I don't have access to my blog pictures, I decided to post about something else. These are not in order but I do in some ways think most of these guys are pretty good looking. Let's just oogle over them, I think good looking men are just fun to look at.

Ethan Ruan - I like him because of Fated to Love you & Defeated Queen. :)

James McAvoy - One of my favorites, I like his overall appeal. He has this shabby, boyish look. He also seems nice and intelligent. P.S. Boyish looking guys appeal to me.

J. is pretty boyish and I love it! Think about it, it never seems like they age much. lol.

Shia Labeouf - who doesn't love him? You know you do. :)

Jiro - I was a bit iffy about him in the past until recently when I saw ToGether. Even though he puts on tons of make up he seems really humble.

Jensen Ackles from Supernatural. J & I are pretty hooked on this show and we just finished season 4. He also has a baby face!
In the beginning of Supernatural, I didn't really like his character, Dean but after awhile he grew on me and now he is one of my favorite TV show characters. Fine, he's next to Gregory House. The brotherly love in this show is infinite, it's all about family. :)

Mokomichi Hayami - watch absolute boyfriend, you will fall in love too!
I guess I saved the best for last!
Leonardo DiCaprio is my favorite actor alongside Tom Hanks and James McAvoy. I've seen all his movies and for the first time in my life I can actually say that I'm a fan!! He should win an Oscar already!

*After this post I have learned that I somewhat have a different taste in guys and I like boyish looking guys. :) I don't like guys like David Beckham or Brad Pitt. I don't know, it's just not that appealing. Sometimes I think it might be because some guys are too good looking that it's hard to believe they're real. Just like how some girls are super hot (i.e Megan Fox). Even if I saw Megan Fox one day I wouldn't believe my own eyes. If it's too good to be true, it probably is.
Plus, I only base my likings on characters and roles they've played or their contributions to society.
PS I'm trying to type this fast because I'm supposed to be off of work right now! Sorry for any spelling errors, I will fix later!

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