Friday, June 5, 2009

My pink and bling nails

Posted by Jen Ko at 12:46 AM

I haven't had time.. Fine, I have been too lazy to crop and ps my nail pictures so I'm really backed up. 

Recently J got into an accident and it brought me to be kind of car-less since we had to carpool. I haven't been able to do many nail appts but I'm back on schedule now since he got his car back & I'm just grateful we're okay from the accident. 

Plus, the other day while I was changing I asked J to get my white flats for me. When I was ready to leave he put down the flats and I realized he cleaned them. He even tried to clean the bows and said, "I know your really like these shoes so I thought I'd help you clean them a bit." It's times like these that make me feel really special and grateful for him. I'm really lucky to have someone like him in my life. 

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