Saturday, August 8, 2009

I hope no one hates me!!!

Posted by Jen Ko at 6:19 PM
I just read online regarding stuck up manicurists and I have to say I am 1000% not.
I think I'm just tired and I know you might be thinking, "well, why don't you go and call people back if you have time to write in your blog."

I know I know.. I procrastinate way too much but for the people that know me... life is wonderful when I can be lazy. : )

Anyways, I just wanted to say that all the voicemails will be answered. I am just soo tired, I haven't been this hard working for quiet some time and my body is just going downhill. Everything is a mumble jumble. Two jobs plus @ home nail isn't working out lately. Wow, school is starting soon. : (

Sorry to everyone who has been ignored, I hope I have no unhappy customers :(

Be Happy!!!!!!
I shall work harder!

PS if things don't work out, does anyone know if there's some place I can rent, perferably somewhere in the back of a store or something? If anyone has anything available in a salon/clothing store/etc. please let me know!!

This is my customer's doggie. His name is Momo too!! He's so cute.

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