Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My Christmas

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So I Finally got close to Cropping/Resizing some of my pictures and since this is long over due I decided to post my Christmas pictures first.

We had dinner and I made some potatoes. The recipe was from food Network by Ina Garten. It was pretty tasty. I also made Lawry's creamed corn that I forgot to take a picture of. I thought I nailed that pretty well but my mom said it was too sweet.

My mom and sister went to Mitsuwa to buy meat for Shabu Shabu and she said people were literally snatching all the meat. Apparently a lot of people eat hot pot during new years so people were just waiting for the beef to come out. I usually love Mitsuwa's beef but that days was lacking && I think it was more expensive.

After that my sister told me to go with my boyfriend to get ICE CUBES! I was thinking, "Why the heck would they want ice cubes. It's so cold." I actually saw my sister nudged J or something and I kind of knew something was up...but it's not like it's my birthday. When we were almost at 7-11 my mom calls telling us they don't need the ice cube anymore so I obviously knew they were up to something. They even went to the extreme to close the lights. && this was what I got from my sister...


J wanted this Christmas to be a nice one and he really went over the top for me. I was utterly speechless and spoiled for no apparent reason. I really didn't deserve it though. I didn't want anything to be honest because there are MANY things I want but do I really need it? Nah... I really don't. Anyways, I pretty much knew what the big box was but the little box means so much more to me. I'll explain later :)

So we opened our presents at his place.

I got my pink laptop that I REALLY DIDN'T NEED because I have my old beat up Toshiba that had 200MB of space left. lol, I was fine with that though..&& besides I wanted to be materialistic. I wanted a handbag. I didn't get that because he knew I didn't need it& I don't think he believes in bags at all.

But he did get me a coach pouch thing that made me really happy because it was nice to know he actually gave up to what I wanted. :) I don't know how to explain it though.. it was just nice of him.

&& He got a ps3+ Rockband. :)
He deserved it. I think both of us hate spending money on ourselves & I would NEVER spend more then $60 on myself. I never indulge.. okay fine, only on food though. I was too excited to use my laptop that I couldn't snatch a better pic of him. How selfish of me.

:) This was the only half decent pic I got of us that day.
I was so freaking disgustingly sick that day. I'm ashamed, but I photoshoped this last pic because I looked like shit. :) & photoshop is fun fun fun!

I'm really happy and grateful for what I have. I love my family and friends.

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