Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Love & Hate relationship with Computers

Posted by Jen Ko at 2:32 AM
I have this love and hate relationship with computers, but before I get to that part..

 JAILBREAK -ed my IPHONE by myself!!!

Aren't you proud of me. I also added Ps1 Emulator , and got the whole cracked app to work. Yeah, I'm pretty proud of myself but I was also so nervous. It was a lot of fun researching, kind of like a puzzle! 

But.. today my computer went through a lot of  stress, it suddenly couldn't connect to the wifi. I was so worried I got a virus but I did more research on my phone and realized that Windows Vista has a flaw. For some reason, Vista doesn't want to recognize my IP address which meant that I couldn't even find any wifi connection. Luckily I found a website that helped me out greatly. http://catonett.com/blog/archives/194 . 

So if you have a Vista and encounter this problem please remember to add that to your registry. It's a life saver, kind of like magic I suppose. You enter a few keys and *Poof* your laptop works!! 

P.S. I will update nail pics soon. 
P.P.S I'm really out of nail ideas. :( uh oh.

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