Friday, January 16, 2009

I've got a hacker

Posted by Jen Ko at 5:50 PM
First off, WHY would you want to hack into my stuff? I'm not even remotely interesting to waste your time. 

So earlier I received an email from gmail telling me to press this link if I want to initiate the process to reset my password. I  freaked out. 

I don't understand why anyone would want to hack into my stuff because I only have a facebook and myspace. This email account is only for my nail stuff so there's really nothing to see from my email account. 

I'm really fucking pissed off. It's not J  because he has all my passwords and I trust the people I love to know they wouldn't do that to me. Anyways, every things still there .. *phew* >.<

To this person: GET A LIFE AND PLEASE stop trying to figure it out. My email account is my life, it's everything I've worked hard for. To think that someone can easily have full access to my accounts is really scary. Please respect others and their privacy. I'm a NOBODY so don't waste your time. If you're bored play some video games, talk to your friends but don't go and waste your time on things that have NOTHING to do with you!!!!! 

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