Tuesday, July 14, 2009

IBS(International Beauty Show) - Las Vegas

Posted by Jen Ko at 4:42 AM

Hello, over the next few days.. I'll hopefully have massive updates. Maybe one each day? I have so much stuff that hasn't been uploaded and I just want to post them all up!! So please continue to read my blog! Thanks~


I've been wanting to go to this convention since it's supposed to be the biggest one in the West Coast, but our schedule didn't mesh really well so I kind of just forgot about it. Especially thinking how J had to drive me there and back on the same day led me to shut my mouth... for awhile but 2 days before the convention I got super sad. I just really wanted to go and being a girl I just get jabbering about it and pouting.

J, being the best bf in the world surprised me by getting the day off and waking me up that morning. He persuaded me to go and we went!! In return he only asked that I treat him to a really good buffet! :) It was a win/win situation for meeee.. I seriously was a very happy girlfriend that day and so we went on our mini adventure.

Clouds are soothing and I love it when J and I take field trips. I love clouds, they make me happy.
My pass that cost $40. Next year I will plan early and buy early. Save $$$!!
temporary ugly sunglasses! Btw, did I ever tell you guys about how my sunglasses were stolen from me? I I dropped them during a movie and they fell underneath the people who were sitting in front of us. So I told J not to bother them and I was sure that I'd just be able to retrieve them once the movie was over. I guess the movie was really interesting or something because I didn't notice what was going on in front of me. After the movie my sunglasses were no where to be found. :( J even confronted the people sitting in front of us and they said they didn't see it. LIERRS!!!FUCK YOU!*haha have to get that out of my system after 1 year* How come bad things happen to people that don't do bad things? I don't liter, I return things when I find them, I let people cut me in line. I try to be a good person, I really do. Anyways that's my story and sometimes I find it unbelievable that I didn't just beat that girls asss! I'm mad at myself too because I lost it before my very own eyes!! Anyways..

the show was great and I had a lot of fun walking by myself. :( After the show I was seriously constipated. I think it was because of the long car ride or my shorts were too tight. We were going to go to the Wynn buffet but it was just too tiring. I just wanted to go home so we went to eat at Sushi Mon instead.

Although it is located in the residential area of Vegas, it's probably one of the better sushi places I've been too. Much better in price and quality compared to the Chinese owned Sushi places over here. The best part? It's all you can eat!!! I wish we ate more but my stomach was being an asshole so we didn't eat as much.

Hamachi was yummy!

For the sweet shrimp and uni, they only allow one order per person and since J doesn't like shrimp or uni.. I ate most of it. I made him eat the shrimp though.
They have two types of uni. The left ones are the best!! & the uni there is better then $10 uni you get over here!
creamy and rich!!

salmon skin- skip please..

I forgot to take pictures of the yellowtail collar. & some rolls we had. Hopefully pictures speak louder then words.

It's I believe $28.99 a person or $27.99. About $30 pp but it's so delicious. I was grumpy so I didn't take a picture of the menu but it caters to everyone! They have nigiris and like over 30 kinds of rolls. I wish I lived in Vegas sometimes, they have the best food! I also have to thank my sister for bringing me here previously.

Nail de dance was there.. I didn't buy as much stuff as I thought I would. I was just really nervous because they talk to you and I never know what to say. :( J didn't come in with me because the tickets were $40 each!!

Sushi Mon
9770 S Maryland Pkwy
Las Vegas, NV 89123

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