Thursday, December 3, 2009

Taiwan 09 (part 1 - Street Food)

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I categorized my Taiwan pictures into two groups. Street Food and Restaurants!! I kept forgetting to bring my camera when I went out and it was so hot in Taiwan that I just got lazy with taking pictures. It just wasn't very convenient hauling a heavy camera all day and not knowing if someones going to walk into it.


I love this, it's some sort of intestine. My all time favorite and it's hard to find it here.
I think this was some sort of fish egg.
Pork skin? Did not like too much
This was boiled octopus with a very good satay like sauce.

Yum yum, pork stew rice. :)
my favorite intestine in soup
I think this is pork liver... :)

There's not much to say that hasn't been said about Taiwanese street food. There are good places and bad places but, because I only go back once a year... any street food is good.
Next is the second most popular night market in Taichung and I didn't bring my camera when we went to Fong Jia because I was sweating and there were SO many people.

I love these places and I always spend way too much money here getting a stuffed animal that I will forget about. Hopefully, when I have a boyfriend I can bring him here and make him get one for me. That's so adorable.
Very popular tea place, there was a long line for it. I didn't think it was all that great.
Very famous popcorn chicken place. I grew up with this and this awesome-ness started in Taichung. I remember when I was little, the original store was just around the corner from our bakery and either my mom/dad/worker would bring me here to get chicken. Cute memories, and I find it funny that the things I remember most from my childhood is food.

Taiwan's most infamous dish - Stinky Tofu!!


Duck blood and stinky tofu pot... soo good.

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