Thursday, March 4, 2010


Posted by Jen Ko at 11:34 AM
I've yet to update my blog for quiet some time. I want to design my own layout and make this blog a bit better with frequent updates.

A lot of people ask me where I learned nail art and I was self taught. I bought tons of Nail Max/nail up/nail venus magazines a few years ago and I slowly learned how by looking at pictures and doing research. Throughout my life, I've never been this serious about a hobby and when I finally mastered a full set without lifting... I felt so accomplished and happy because I could bring what I love most to other girls and make them happy. Nail art is a form of "art" to me and nails are my canvas.

In my perspective there is ALWAYS room for improvement, I was taught growing up by my family to be humble with what we have and what we know. I take everyones comments into consideration, even customers who have no idea what they are talking about because everyone's comments matter and if I'm so quickly to decide what I want to listen to I will never improve.

Yet, with my ideals... I still step into a world I don't exactly like. That's why I haven't been doing nails lately, I haven't updated my blog. I have in line... like 4 nail pictures I haven't ps. I guess I came into this business with my naive and simple ideas of just wanting to make people happy. I never wanted to compare myself with other nail techs, I never thought that I'm doing this to solely make money. I just feel disappointed in the people I trust, only to realize that they didn't trust me. To have a finger pointed towards me and being accused of things I didn't do hurts a lot because if people knew my passion and my naive personality they would know... I could never pull it off.

and for people to constantly want to watch me fall makes me back off from nails. It makes me feel like, it's a business... everyone is only watching for themselves. I don't blame them but I never wanted to be apart of it. I just enjoy my customers company and enjoy making nails pretty. How could my simple ideals be misinterpreted.

I treat everyone equally, I trust everyone I know because I believe in everyone. I believe that people are good, that somewhere down there... maybe they were betrayed so these people are constantly watching behind their backs but that doesn't make them a "bad" person. They just need to understand that there are people like me that have no intentions AT ALL. The only intention I really have is hopefully in the near future I can have my own salon. Even if it fails, I will be happy that I had the opportunity to have one.

Maybe I'm too naive, maybe I believe in all the wrong things... but, if people want to see me fall... I will work harder because I'm tired of being stepped on. I know who I am, I know I do my job pretty well so I'm done feeling like I "deserve" it because I'm so passive.

Everything in life is a learning experience.

I don't hate, it's too strong of a word... no matter how many times someone burns me, I will feel no hate towards them. I don't feel like I'm better but I do feel like I want to prove to them that I'm not out to burn them. I treat people with respect and I only wish I got it back at times.

Many view my ideals weak, but because I'm weak I need to work harder.

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