Friday, March 12, 2010

Wakasaya - Little Tokyo

Posted by Jen Ko at 4:54 PM
Awhile ago I went to China town to pierce my ears and sight see because I haven't been to China town for a few years now but nothing in Chinatown appealed to my tummy so we ventured out to Little Tokyo, like always.

We were debating on Curry House, Orochon, or Shabu Shabu when we passed by Wakasaya. I saw all the pictures of their bowls and I wanted to dart right in. I did in the end always get my way so we ended up eating here. :)

Wakasaya serves seafood donburis which you can either custom make or pick one that is listed on the menu. While I was in the restroom I saw that Wakasaya is actually a restaurant chain in Tokyo so I was super excited to try because I have yet to seen a donburi restaurant!!

I have never seen a menu with so much writing in it. If you flip to the next page they have tons and tons of options.

Like Orochon they have a contest to see if you can finish their SUPER big donburi. I believe if you finish the meal is on them.

I was taking a test photo and I posted this photo for a reason.
I'm a girl that looks at a guys hands. If men are reading this, please remember to trim your fingernails like this. Guys should NOT have long fingernails. hahaha
Toro salmon don - This was actually really good. I liked it.

I custom made mine with uni, negi toro, and amaebi. The negi toro was really REALLY bad. I took a bite of it and it wasn't very fresh. As for the amaebi, it was frozen and the uni was pretty good. No complaints about the uni! For the price it was "alright," but the negi toro could have been better!

Not expensive at all, but to be quiet honest I would rather pay more for better quality. I am still willing to go again though!!

335 E 2nd St
Japanese Village Plaza mall
Los Angeles CA

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