Sunday, December 28, 2008

I'm finally not sick anymore!!

Posted by Jen Ko at 8:32 AM
This is going to be a long post. I think I'm going to change my blog up a little bit soon, I'm not just going to write about my nails and food anymore. I'm not sure who reads my blog and.. I really don't want to know because I have a lot of thoughts that I need to express and maybe it's offensive to people but keep in mind, all of this is for me. You can enjoy my nail art/food pics but if you're someone who takes things too seriously.. please don't read any of my entries with, "random scribblings" as tags. 

I think in Singapore blogging is very popular. The celebs in Singapore seem to be bloggers! Isn't that cool? I have to admit that I love Xiaxue. For those who know her might disagree with me but I find her awesome. Her link is . Many people hate her(as so I read) but I find her so funny. I don't care if she is fake or shallow or a bitch because that's what makes her awesome. Her life is much more interesting then mine and she's not scared to speak her mind. Plus, she always has interesting photos to look at. &because of her I've grown to find Singapore/Singaporeans very interesting. I'd really like to visit Singapore actually.  

This might be deleted later if I feel it's inappropriate. 

I love my boyfriend very much. Sometimes I wonder how I can meet such a wonderful person like him. How "I" can have him adore me the way he does. Keep in mind, I'm not saying this so people will envy me but I'm just scared of judgement. Anyways, he's the best person and very a kind hearted man(lol, kind of funny using that word because I don't consider myself a women...yet). 

 He's very supportive of the things I do and he respects me greatly. Sometimes my nail appointments drag until very late but he never ever complains that he has to wait for me in his car. He never complains about waiting for me and he would never make me wait for him. I think that's one of his best qualities. & at times when I want to stop doing nails because I'm so overwhelmed and tired he'd say, "Just call her and don't go.. you're too tired anyways." & it's nice for me to know that he understands. He understands that I feel bad about everything and how I care way too much. I'm really nice.. really sometimes I care so much about other people then myself. I put my "care" in all the wrong places& I'm way too passive. 

& you know what gets me very upset? This question, "You're bf's white?" Do you have a problem with that? First off, I never liked him because he was white. & this is America not Asia, please get over it. It's not just about race, sometimes I feel like people degrade me and I hate it, like I'm not good enough to be liked by him. I've actually had people smirk in my face and I just wanted to ask, "Is something funny?" I get the evil-eyes a lot... and sometimes it saddens me because there are horrible people in this world that use jealousy and spite instead of happiness. I rarely get jealous of people because everytime I do I get angry at myself and instead, I turn my jealousy into happiness for others. Of course, my life isn't the best but I'm genuinely happy for others and I'm greatful for what I already have. Everyone deserves to happy, but the fact that people belittle me makes me angry.. not just at them but at myself for being so darn useless and letting them get me. 

Anyways I love my bf. He made Christmas very special for me this year. I will explain more of this in the next coming entries. 

& I, "LMAO" at online drama. 

Everyone honestly needs a chill pill, people are too uptight. 

2 comments on "I'm finally not sick anymore!!"

Thrila on January 5, 2009 at 10:19 AM said...

hehe my boyfriend is guyanese so i always get the comment "your boyfriend is brown/indian?!?!" with a mean look & smirk. meanwhile people see me and give my bf a high five because i'm filipino ><; this world is very odd.

i love your nails that you make they are very beautiful. I've been quietly lurking on your blog for a while. please keep doing what you are doing because it seems to make you really happy. it might be stressful at times but nothing in this world is perfect, even our dream careers.


Jen Ko on January 7, 2009 at 11:25 AM said...

I'm glad to know I'm not alone! :) It feels so weird that people are just that rude.

Thanks for your support and it makes me really happy that people love my work!