Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My Nails

Posted by Jen Ko at 5:17 PM
I thought I'd share my nails for the past month. :) My nails are always really simple but I feel like they use a bit more skills.

My all time fav are these inlays. :) I like pink/cute/elegant stuff. 

I decided to use green powder since no one ever wants green. :) 

My computer has been acting pretty retarded lately. I need to  get an external memory because I have LESS then 1GB of memory left. So, I'm sort of scared my laptop will auto shut down on me. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Happy Holidays!

Next up will be my food posts!!

P.S If I missed anyones appointment or phone calls please just keep calling me. Sometimes I don't hear my phone & my phone has water damage so it has a brain of it's own. :) Thanks! 

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