Saturday, December 6, 2008


Posted by Jen Ko at 11:40 PM
A few weeks ago I was craving yakiniku but didn't want to go to overpriced Gyu-Kaku or the long waiting Anjin. I looked on yelp for awhile and decided to try Seikoen so we made a reservation(remember to make a reservation, they turned customers away) and drove all the way to Torrance. I almost fainted from hunger. The place is very ugly and has HORRIBLE ventilation but I'm Asian, I learn to deal.

I wish I took a picture of the menus here because it was horrific. I mean that menu was greasy, it had duct tape on it and it didn't have much English. Want to give the menu a look, Check it out here : I liked it though, it was very nostalgic and I heard customers begged them not to change anything in the restaurant.

We ordered the salad. I really can't remember how much it was but inexpensive. The vinaigrette was a bit sweet and tangy.

Beef Sashimi
It okay... good, but probably won't be ordering it again.

So since I don't read Japanese nor Korean I asked the nice lady to just pick for us. I believe we got short rib (front), top sirloin (left), sirloin(right), prime rib(top).

I wish I took a picture of the small cut grill we used. J liked the sirloin best and I loved the prime. The meat quality is great but I felt like the marinade over powered the quality. I would have liked it if they left it plain instead but there's a reason for everything.

Overall, this place was a solid B. It was good but not as great as Anjin. It's very affordable though so that's a good thing! I wish I live closer to Torrance.

Hopefully, I'll write down prices from now on and post them up. I'll try to capture more pictures without looking like an idiot.

1730 W Sepulveda BlvdSte 14
Torrance, CA 90745
(310) 534-5578

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