Saturday, February 21, 2009

Benihana with friends

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This was all the way from December that I forgot to post. It was D's birthday and she wanted to go to Benihana's, somewhere I would have never wanted to go if it weren't for her birthday. I remember going to Tokyo Wako a few years ago with my brother and I wasn't impressed. I never really understood the point of watching someone cook and paying more then I should have for the food.

Here goes the pictures!

These are my friends: Starting from left to right
and it was DY's birthday!

Both LH and I got Splash & Meadow. Funny names they have! We didn't know but apparently they charge you a few extra dollars if you want fried rice.

This soup reminds me of Taiwan's soup at food stands. I think it's because of the dried onions they put in there.

I didn't like the salad.

So these are the two sauces. One is for seafood and vegetable and I think the other on is for the steak.

He had to make M's food first because he had a flight to catch. But look, it's a volcano.. how fuN!!

look one egg on top of another.

The fried rice was actually pretty good. :)

This was ME's Hibachi Chateaubriand.

My surf and Meadow. I still laugh at the name.

E,JW, and DY.

Then it was time for Secret Santa.. I know, I posted these a little too late.

I got a gift card from forever and a hello kitty disposable camera (that I'll never use) from L.

E got a Guess belt from JW.

JW got alcohol from E. lol.

DY go a sephora gift card from DL.

Lydia got a Crabtree and Evelyn gift basket from DY.

M got some gift cards from me.

yeah.. I totally didn't know who my secret Santa was until that day so I didn't have time to buy him anything except gift cards.

I think I was sleeping in this pic.

Opinions on the food:
It was actually much better then what I expected. I think I finally understand why people come to these places with family and friends. It's a lot more fun when you come with more people. The only down part is the fact that my medium rare steak was almost well done. I was really disappointed that it wasn't more rare. It still isn't one of my first options but I wouldn't hesitate to go next time.

P.S. I will post about my first hooka experience soon. I didn't get it at all!! wtheck is up with the hype?? It was on the same day but J's waiting for me to eat dinner so I'll post it next time!

P.P.S. Take cares!! :)

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