Thursday, February 26, 2009

Flowers Again!!

Posted by Jen Ko at 2:15 AM
For some reason everyone has been getting puffy round flowers. :) 

Aren't the thumb fingers so kawaii?! 

For those who bite your nails, please stop!! I'm not trying to make you feel bad or anything but it's really bad for you and it makes your fingers ugly. Chew gum!! Rub Vaseline on your fingers in class or something so you won't bite them. I've had customers tell me that they bite their nails so much that it'll start bleeding. 

It's just every time I see someones fingers all red I just want to tell them not to be so nervous. I know people who bite their nails are usually thinking a lot or in this other dimension. I don't know really because I've never had this problem but I really hope to see people change this bad habit. Even during class when I see someone chewing on their cuticles, I just want to tell them to stop. 

Now I feel bad for writing this, but I just want to see less people chewing on finger nails! Let's all work hard! 

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