Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Anjin - Costa Mesa

Posted by Jen Ko at 7:44 PM
I really love BBQ especially Yakiniku or Korean BBQ. Since J's never been to Anjin I decided to introduce him here. 

Although Anjin has top grade meat, I don't think it's worth it. I think Seikoen is better but Anjin has better ambiance. I even think Anjin and Gyu Kaku are comparable. For some reason the first time I went to Anjin, I thought it was the best yakiniku place but after a few times I realize it's not. Maybe the quality changed, maybe I was unlucky those few times I went or maybe I had better. 

Oh yeah, we waited over 1 hour to eat here so it all adds up. 

#1 & #4 confused me a bit. We got #4 but what I wonder if there's really a big difference? Can you really tell or are you just paying the extra buck for nothing? & since J isn't a big fan of pork, I couldn't get #11 the pork cheek or I'd be eating the whole plate by myself.

I love how they have a lot of rare dishes here. 

This was the grill and it was so cute and small. :) 

Red Leaf Lettuce,Cucumber w/ dressing $5.00

The dressing for this was very good.

Special - Kobe Style Beef (rib eye) $19.50

What was funny was that we got the wrong order. Apparently, the server placed the "special" kobe style rib beef (rib eye) on our table. We ordered rib eye so we didn't think and just started grilling. After a few minutes one of the servers yelped and they said something in Japanese. Another girl came over and told us we were lucky and got the special instead. :) I felt bad but we didn't know. 
Was this worth the $20? Nah.. it tastes like the prim steaks I get at How's Market. 
Asparagus with Bacon $6.50
The asparagus was a bit old and dry that day. Do you see those toothpick looking things? They actually weren't toothpicks. I didn't know what it was but it was edible... I think. :)
Beef Tataki $7.95 
It was alright, but nothing special. I think the best beef Tataki I've had must have been at Fu Rai Bo. 
Prime Boneless Short Rib ( 2 orders ) $7.25 x 2 =$14.50
They cut he short rib very thin here compared to the ribeye. It probably would have been my favorite if i was a bit thicker. 
Marbled Prime Ribeye - $11.95 
We weren't full yet so we ordered two extra orders. This was my favorite and I think it's comparable with the kobe style. 

Pineapple Sorbet $5.00 - not worth it..  It looks big, but quiet small. :) Fun sharing though. 

3033 Bristol St Ste N
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

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