Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Plaza Inn - Disneyland

Posted by Jen Ko at 7:07 PM
Another day at Disneyland, I do go to Disneyland a little more often then I want. I have nothing to do our my day off. Taking Disneyland restaurants one step at a time. I'm going to eat everything there including california Adventure and Downtown Disney!! :) 

:) I can't help but say.. aw, I was so cute in this picture. haha
thanks to the lighting and the angle. I only get one of these for ever 30 shots. 

Plaza Inn Specialty Chicken $13.49 
I think this plate was pretty expensive. 
The chicken though, was good and juicy. I love juicy everything!! The crust was crunchy and flavorful but the meat lacked flavor. . 

Plus I hate breast meat so I asked for two thighs instead. 

I really do think they did an awesome job on the crust, I could just keep eating that skin. The sides to this meal were pretty bad. 

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