Monday, May 11, 2009

Quality Seafood - Redondo Beach Pier

Posted by Jen Ko at 11:12 PM
I'm sorry if I have typos because I have acrylics on and it prevents me from typing correctly. :( & my "T" key is also broken because the other day I thought, "hey, why not take off the keys one by one so I can clean it inside." That was obviously the worst idea possible because I broke it. Good thing, I still have warranty so I have to take it in to repair. Vaio laptops really aren't all that great, they charge a handful for what they offer. 

I found out about Quality Seafood from a friend of mine and did some research. I asked J to take me and we drove all the way to Redondo Beach. J isn't a big seafood lover except for salmon sushi. We couldn't find it at first but after walking around in two circles, we realized that there was a Directory! We finally arrived at Quality Seafood. 

I was so happy, and intimidated at the same time because they had so much to offer. They had a food counter where they had hot foods like clam chowder or fish and chips. Another counter where hey sold fresh fish and if you ask, they'll even fry it for you. They even have a counter for alcohol as well! My favorite counters were the ones that had fresh oysters, crabs, lobsters, and clam where they steam and shuck for free too. The seating was outdoor but I really loved it, you put newspaper on the tables and start digging in while the ocean breeze hits your face. I love it!!

On our way to find Quality Seafood, we met a big bird whom reminded us of MoMo
The clam chowder was alright, pass unless necessary. 

This was the oyster bar. Yum Yum.
I think there were about 20 different kinds of oysters. 
I asked the guy to pick for me and he picked three kinds with 2 of each. It was about $2 per oyster so my total was $13 including tax. 
As he was shucking my oysters, I grew really agitated because he killed all of my oysters. When he shuck them, he basically cut my oysters into small pieces. :( I guess it's not his fault he has big hands.. but still.. my poor oysters. 

I believe these were Pacific oysters. These were actually my favorite that day. It was very creamy and rich but it didn't have the, "stinky" smell the other two kinds did. It was a lot bigger then the other ones which was easier to distinct the flavor of the oyster because like I said, he chopped up my oysters!!

These, I believe were Hama Hama oysters. They were my least favorite ones due to the stinkiness and brinyness. Since I've never has Hama Hama oysters, I'm not sure if it was just that day or if the oysters have a naturally very stinky smell to them. I kind of thought it wasn't very fresh.
These were Kumamotos and I've had these before. They have a fresh taste to them and I think they're the easiest to eat out of the three. 

We had crab that day as well, but I was too hungry and forgot to take pictures. Quality Seafood also has fresh sea urchin but they ran out on the day I went. The prices aren't cheap either because the dungeness crab was expensive compared to 99ranch market. In my opinion, I think it's pretty worth it. 

Quality Seafood 
130 International Boardwalk
Redondo Beach, CA 90277

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SinoSoul on May 13, 2009 at 11:46 AM said...

a trip out here is always so fun! (and super pricey but...) you got the pier, you got the Korean families grubbin' like they've never seen seafood, you got the smell of the ocean! Love it.