Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Funeral (Taoism) - Taiwan

Posted by Jen Ko at 10:55 AM
I went back in September for my Grandmother's funeral and I learned a lot. I finally learned that there's a difference between Buddhism and taoism. Buddhism originated from India while Taoism originated from China but apparently it's a mixture of both. Since my Grandmother was very religious so was the funeral. I learned so much about my own culture and how elderly people interact.

We had to fold paper which were later on burned for my grandmother. I think these symbolized money.
So they set these tents up in front of the deceased house and on the street. The roads are even closed off for these days.
LOTS AND LOTS of flowers were delivered.

I didn't get to Taiwan until the day of the ceremony.
and, I had no idea what was going on

We had to wear white clothes and Taiwan was so hot and humid at that time.

Family had to wear robe like clothing.
All of this stuff just amazes me because I have no idea what any of it means.
There was even a live band.
I feel like this is really paying our respects for my Grandmother.
Very emotional time
Leaving for the cemetery. For Taoist funerals, we do not see her one last time. She is kept inside the whole time.

After the burial there was more practicing.

Being an American born Taiwanese... I was seriously blown away. For the first time, I felt like a foreigner and I just didn't understand anything. I don't understand funerals and why it's so important, but I felt like my Grandmother's funeral was very deep. The fact that it's so religious just blows me away. I actually feel like we did everything we were and could for my grandmother and we said our goodbyes very properly. It's hard to explain but honestly, I have been to too many funerals lately.

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