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July - September (compressed in to one post)

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I have lots of pictures I haven't blogged yet and I thought I should compress all my pictures into one post. Plus, I want to leave the past in the past.

I took these of my friend, L when I first got my D60.


This was my lunch at work

Pan fried pork buns from Xiao Mei, but I have no idea which one because my co-worker bought them for me.

Curry from Mr. Baguette
It's very very good.

Mr. Baguette
400 S. Atlantic Blvd
Monterey Park, CA 91754

My family went to Gui Rim for dinner. It's another all you can eat Korean BBQ. I would go more frequently but I have no one to go with, it seems like a lot of people these days are pretty health conscious. After I eat all you can eat Korean BBQ... I always end up feeling pretty crappy.

I think they have 16 different types of meat which is pretty awesome.

Afterwards we all went to The Korean market down the street called California Market.
I love sweet potatoes.
I also love Korean drinks. The grape one is my favorite.

Outside the market, there's a cart that sells Korean style sweet pancakes. It's this mochi bread like pancake and the best part is that they are only $1!!

they have this coffee machine outside and when I had it the first time, the french vanilla was pretty awesome but the second time... not so much.
$1 of hot sticky goodness

Ho dduck Cart (Korean sweet pancake)
HK Market Parking lot
Western Ave and 1st St
Los Angeles, CA 90189


There's this new Japanese hair dye called Prettia and the cool thing about this hair dye is the fact that it's easy to put on. That way, you'll never have to worry about missed spots while dyeing your own hair or getting it dripped all over your clothes. This will be my quick review about Prettia.

This was my hair before dyeing my hair.
roots are grown out.

(from left to right)
Bottle #1, bottle #2, #3 hair conditioner(note: you put this on after you wash out the hair dye and you don't wash it off)
J took this picture and I look so serious with his oversized shirt.
Note: when you combine bottle #2 int bottle #1 do not shake it. I made a horrible mistake of shaking it but you should just turn it up and down slowly so the mixture is combined.
That's how the foam comes out.

after picture... not a big difference but it was redder than before.
Before I weigh the pros and cons... I must say that I would rather dye my hair myself because I can save lots of money and that sometimes when I get it dyed professionally it hurts so badly that I've cried before, and my hair always ends up dried for 2 weeks so I'd advise people to use Japanese hair dye if they want to save money.

- foamy so it doesn't drip and easy to use
- about $12-13 a pack if you buy it at Takashimaya
- It's cheaper for me to use Prettia because one bottle goes a long way, but with Palty I definitely have to use to boxes.
- the color was really pretty

- color fades rather quickly
- my scalp burned really badly the first time I used it
- my scalp ended up peeling horribly so it looked like I had major dandruff
- smells horrible
- dries out hair

But, this is just my experience and review of Prettia. The second time I used it, I didn't burn but I still peeled and many other users did not have the same problem. I still prefer to use Palty over Prettia.

You can buy Palty at Mitsuwa and I think it might be a bit cheaper at Mitsuwa, but you can also buy either Palty or Prettia at Takashimaya.

220. W Valley Blvd #108
San Gabriel Ca 91776

My favorite and also many others favorite ramen shop... Daikokuya.
First, I need to say I enjoy their shredded pork bowl so much more!!

Miso soup and salad comes with the bowls.
The half bowls do not come with the soup and salad but it is definitely enough for me.
Half ramen... I think I've blogged about Daikokuya before. On this particular day, the soup was so salty. I think it was an off day, it was disappointing.

J's favorite is of course, the pork cutlet bowl.

111 N Atlantic Blvd #241
Monterey Park CA 91754

For our 2 year anniversary J took me to Mastroes. All I have to say is that I like Wolfgang's Steakhouse better. I'm not going to write a detailed review because it's not something I want to think about. Plus, pictures are better anyways.

The bread is actually decent here. #1 it was warm. :)

Mojito love
Steak Sashimi on top of wasabi mashed potatoes. I could've just ate this for dinner. :)

I got the Ribeye, it was good but I really love the aged taste Wolfgang's Steakhouse provides. The ratings on yelp are pretty low and I don't understand why. I love that place thus is why I do not trust in yelp.
Creamed corn
I do not remember what type of potatoes these were.
I look super pale, our server was super nice.

Take your loved ones to Mastros, spend lots of money. I've gotten to a point where I don't think spending that much money on dinner is worth it anymore. Maybe when I graduate from college but I've been too spoiled with food in my life and I suddenly realized that. If I were to eat a $200+ meal I'd rather give the $150 to charity and just eat a $50 meal. If one day, I have money to donate $200 and eat a $200 meal I will but for now I probably wouldn't want anyone to spend that much money on a dinner with me.

Mastro's Steakhouse
246 N Canon Dr
Beverly Hils CA 90210


Next stop,
OC fair.
Let me be honest, I LA county fair is so much better.
There is absolutely no competition.

the best fair food that day... actually corn and this were equally as good.
Al pastor taco
Shrimp ceviche - this was some of the best ceviche I've ever had. Good but expensive.
my corn

J's Corn

cutie pie

2nd round of ceviche

Worst bbq ever. worst cornbread ever.

I look so weird in this picture

J promised never to read my blog. I believe him so with that it's weird when I look back on these pictures. He seems so far away, these memories seem so far away. Maybe that's a good sign, maybe it means I'm finally learning to let go.

I love boiling crab so I insisted on bringing my whole family there.

sorry for the blurry picture.
Oysters :)

it was really fresh here, I was surprised
Calamari, I forgot to take a picture of the catfish but I'm sure I'll be back so I'll review this place in the future.


Boiling Crab
742 W Valley Blvd
Alhambra CA 91803

These were the prettiest flowers
I'll let my happy memories remain because I'm actually happy as of right now. I'm content and I think that's how life works.

Next post should be about Taiwan and Oops J's grand opening. :)

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