Wednesday, November 4, 2009

15 year old girl gang raped

Posted by Jen Ko at 1:45 PM
what the fuck is wrong with our society?
My heart stopped when I read the article. I just can't believe people actually stood and watched, did no one find it important to stop these people? I am so angry because I don't understand how people can think this is okay. What if that person was your sister or your cousin? Would it still be okay?

Is there no respect for women? Fear? Where are peoples morals?
Even if people are drunk... I just can't understand.
20 fucking people were involved, 20 people... I cannot even think coherently.
2 1/2 hours, no one called the cops... oh man, I need to stop thinking about it.

To all the girls,
Stay safe! Party with people you trust, people that will protect you.

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