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Taiwan 09 (Part 2 - Restaurants)

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These were the restaurants I ate at while I was in Taiwan. I forgot to bring my camera to some places so there were a few places where I forgot to take pictures.

Bellini pasta pasta
The ambiance was really nice so I took many pictures of this place.

I didn't realize the mirrors until after dinner.

Restaurants in Taiwan are much nicer.

We got two orders of this.
Per order it includes; soup(2), salad(2), pasta(1), pizza(1), desert(1)

I got the minestrone, it wasn't anything great.
the Caesar salad was really good, or actually I recall it not being as tangy as caesar dressing but it was close.

I'm not a big fan of this place due to the crust. The crust was way too thin, when I lift the pizza up, there wasn't enough stability for the toppings. I felt like I was eating a pizza chip but apparently they're a popular place in Taiwan.
Bad bad mushroom pizza...
Squid Ink Pizza
This was really good, but the ink gets stuck on your teeth so it was funny.
Meat sauce with egg
This was pretty good albeit the small portions

Cheesecake - had better

Bellini Pasta Pasta


This Haagen Daze is next to my house but I've never been before. :(
Skylark California Cusine
So the last time I was in Taiwan I was in Sogo (department store) with my sister in law and we ate here. I remember it being really good so I made my mom bring me again. I forgot to take a picture of the menu but I remember skylark being really inexpensive and in Taiwan they always have set meals. I love set meals because the portions are smaller but you get to try everything.
Prosciutto wrapped cantaloupe
Smoked salmon
The salad was really soggy though so I wasn't too fond of that.
Bread basket - I loved, but my mom did not love as much
Clam chowder - I don't understand why my mom would get clam chowder in Taiwan.
Corn Potage
Seafood pilaf, curry flavor
Hamburg steak with mozzarella cheese
It was surprisingly really good...
My fruit tea, in Taiwan they bring drink at the end of the meal. Not used to just drinking water during my meal. I used to get yelled at by my dad for drinking sweets while eating dinner.


Jogoya Japanese buffet
I didn't take many pictures because it was too dark!
We didn't get there on time for dinner so we ate during their after hour times which was about $570nt per person = $17.50us per person

fake food!!
looks so real

The buffet itself was really nice with a lot of different stations, I felt like I was going to get lost at first. I'm not sure if it's because we went at such an odd hour or what but the food was pretty bad. They had a lot of variety though.

A noodle place my cousin took me to.

I have nothing much to say about the place except that it wasn't anything special

Tiramisu (Taichung)

I could't get a nice picture but this cake blew me away. I can say it's probably one of the best desert I've had. It's that good and it's inexpensive!!



Now on to my favorite restaurant I went to while I was in Taiwan. It's a Tonkatsu place and it's so yummy!!


The cabbage is really good, sometimes cabbage tends to have a bitter taste but the cabbage here did not, and the dressing really really topped it all off. They even sold their dressing in containers for home. The great part about the meal is that the cabbage, and rice were unlimited. The service was great too, before my rice bowl was empty, the server would come by and ask if I needed another bowl of rice.

The salad and rice was so good.
Sesame seeds
and you use this to grind it
After you grind the sesame seeds it becomes much more fragrant!
The sauce is then poured into the grinded sesame seeds as a dipping sauce for the katsu.
Very very good rice

Shrimp, Chicken, and pork. The pork was really tender and juicy. :)
I don't remember what my mom had actually.
Green tea ice cream for desert

Mitsukoshi mall in Taichung
We were waiting for the high speed rail to Taoyuen.

lol at that. hahahahhahahahaahhaha

My relatives took my mom and I to a Chinese restaurant. It was actually really good, but there were so many courses that towards the ending I really really wanted to throw up. I didn't know we were having such a big brunch/dinner.

I didn't like the salad, I had no idea what that root looking thing was.
refreshing juice
bean sprouts for the shark fin soup
Shark fin soup
fried shrimp cake
Option: Fish
Option: Beef(steak)
Rice broth with abalone and shrimp
chicken soup

milk pudding

That was a big meal, I felt like the dishes just kept coming and I was raised to finish everything if we were to eat with elders. By the 4 dish I was already dieing and I kept looking at my mom and she finally told me not to eat it anymore if I couldn't. I didn't even touch the Chicken soup.

This place was somewhere in Taoyuen.

Yay, I'm finally done, this was a long post.

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